Clash of Clans – MORE Than Gowiwi – Unusual and Different Attacks in Clash

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  1. Treck update…….

    screw the update…….

    R.I.P CoC

  2. Doesn't make sense why did queen shoot wall couldve took army camp isn't it 3 tiles over walls??????

  3. ANYONE who is th9 and having trouble finding the resources put on your rain coats and head to champion 2 there is ALOT of loot there

  4. I've recently updated to TH10 and have no loot which can get easy like th9. I've to use GOWIPE or LAVALOONIAN strategies even for farming to defend the trophies. Appreciate if anyone can please suggest me a better league and a better troop strategy to farm. Otherwise this would make me to leave the game soon which I really don't want to.

  5. I can actually grasp Supercell's plans right now. For me, I started after watching the Lian Neeson's advert. Now, with the new Cristoph Waltz adverts they are trying to get new players in the clash world who will think this (current) is the only way to play the game (with no farming). This system provides incentive to use gems more often.

    They do not care if old players (farmers) quit. Because, less players leads to a more manageable game. Also providing that, the percentage of (potential) gemmers has increased. Win Win formula for Supercell. Touche.

  6. U always say thanks for spending ure time for clash but I think we should be saying that instead

  7. Galadon come my clan called shnogy legend lvl 4 super active lot of donations in our recent war we had to attack our mirror in war and my mirror was a TH 8 with 3 air defenses lvl 5 i 3 star that TH 8 like a boss I was going for 2 stars but I planned got 3 stars please come my clan and check it out my name is mr.singh in there

  8. boycott Galadon in protest of the loss of farming!!! Unsubscribe now!!!

  9. why do you people need to farm if you will eventually be able to reach a certain amount one day with out farming. It's not the end of the world

  10. i like cheese…that is all. carry on. ?

  11. Finnaly I can watch your videos at 720p60fps! Got rid of the stupid ads that covered my screen that I coud barely even see the video box! Gosh! Finnaly it's over! 😀 But I'm watching on my potatoe laptop so I'm not that suprised… xD

  12. The archer queen gets drilled???

  13. R.i.p Barch 2k15

    Dumb update

  14. Is there gonna be a video for "How to farm at various th level"? Cause i really think that's what people needs right now.

  15. I have uninstalled the game but still watches your videos


  17. Man Galladon had over 1.2 million gold to steal from him. I wish I could find a base like that!

  18. look how much loot was offered to big papi from gally

  19. We got freeze spell in th 9 but no one is using it.if using than which strategy?

  20. Update still sucks, fuck SC -_-