Clash of Clans | MOST HEROIC BALLOON EVER | Clutch Clan War Attacks in Clash of Clans

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  1. Balloon is love, balloon is life!

  2. OMG HE USED MY VIDEO FOR THE OPENING! lol(: Thanks cam!

  3. You stole gallydons thumbnail ;_;

  4. you almost failed a th9 you are fucking terrible lmao

  5. Why did you put the word ‘Penis’ at 9:17.

  6. the guy you attacked wasn’t a premature th10, all of his defenses were
    maxed for th9, so he may have only gone there recently. The only thing not
    really up to a th10 standard were his walls, and you don’t even have all
    level 9 walls atm…

  7. 9:19 : who saw the word “Penis” coming down slowly on the screen, lol!!

  8. 2:25 Premature town hall 10? Looks like a maxed town hall 9 to me.

  9. Whats the song on 6:51

  10. Just wanted to let you know cam that you inspire me to play clash and make
    YouTube videos on it. Clash for me right now is sucking ass because I don’t
    have a clan. I really wish your feeder clan didn’t go to shit because it
    would mean the world to me if I could join a clan of yours. I’m a TH8 in
    clash and I’m not rushed I’m working on maxing everything. But what are the
    chances of being in a clan with you. It’s probably just as hard as trying
    to meet a celebrity. I have your clan book marked and I check in everyday
    to see how your base is coming along and it looks great. If someday you
    want a new member please get back to me cam it would mean the world to me.
    Until then I will continue to watch your videos and play clash solo. I’ll
    hopefully here from you soon. Thanks again for everything. :)


  12. You guys should have a war with OneHive, that would be a badass war.

  13. Wait a second, what if someone attacks someone who has their tesla in the
    corner of the base and never activate it during the attack? How will they
    get the 100%?

  14. This new update is bullshit I can’t lighting spell dark elixer anymore!? I
    used to get 2,00 or more dark elixer per raid but now I have to waste my
    army on town hall 8 and only get 1,000 or less dark elixer!!!PLZ LIKE THIS

  15. penis

  16. Clash With Cam is my favorite Youtuber, he doesn’t gem resources he plays
    the game legit, he makes funny jokes unlike coleson who uses the same jokes
    repetitively which tbh aren’t even funny, Cam’s intros are funny. Cam is
    the one keeping the clash community alive, he makes the best videos, the
    most entertaining, he may not be the best at war 😉 #camsucksatattacking
    but he is entertaining. 

  17. Under 301 club, what would you like?

  18. Cam do have requirements to get into BarbariaNParty if you do can you tell
    me please 

  19. Cam why do you have 18,000 gems at 10:56 ???

  20. I’m a th 7, and I almost two starred a th 9, but right before I got the
    th/50% my internet crashed. Fuck my lyfe

  21. Cam! What happened to your secund channel? NoobVsPro? Are we EVER gonna see
    new videos there? :(

  22. Any good war clans that have more win then losses? Leave your clan id below
    if you have an open spot. Thank you.

  23. Fuck you all who are posting these shitty virus sites hope you goto hell

  24. 2:30 Cam Sais: so this is my attack against a premature th10. I Say: OMG

  25. Hey cam can I join u clan man im a lvl 60 not rushed just got a town hall 7
    very active and good in war I need a clan my name is Wolf and my thing is
    #QC0UPR love ur videos by the way ;)