Clash of Clans – Most popular base design V’s All the major attack Styles!

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  1. Great work spencer, gotta love them Barch raids!

  2. great video

  3. yo

  4. Hi Spencer!

  5. Barch king!!!!!!

  6. Hi

  7. Nice hat mate

  8. ur hat 🙂 wear it more!

  9. Tier means level so you basicly said you has lvl 1 troops

  10. Sup I got 7 F**king Cauldrons!!!!!!!!

  11. the barching master

  12. I love the barching, you've inspired me to garch up here in champs lol
    PS: so glad i found your channel, thanks to Ash for doing that split video

  13. Spencer: I don't think the loot is in the storages! Me looking at the full storages ?

  14. Hi spence I'm wanting to join an LP clan what one should I join first I'm a th7 plz answer really need and answer thx spence love your vids!

  15. barch king! nice video mate…

  16. So thank you. I have learned so much. Literally more then any other you tuber. And for some reason I think I've watched over half of all your vids in the last month. Epic

  17. Love YA hat! :-D

  18. Don't mind me, just here for my daily like

  19. +Clash of Clans – Spencer23$ Great vid Spencer! Really liked the facecam!

  20. Hey can you do a raid with 2 hounds 1 golem 3 witches 5 arch and barbs. Rest wiz/hogs.