Clash Of Clans | My New Favorite TH10 Trophy / War Base! + Cool Lava/Drag Attack!

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  1. I just gotta say this is a big improvement form the standard base which frankly i was not a fan of.

    I put it on clash of clans-tools and it gave me a better perspective on the base.
    It is not so great versus air troops i got a 73% on my best attack out of 5 attacks, and only failed the one star once (4 lavas two freezes every time).

    I found it really difficult to ground raid. I used a jump spell once the outer walls were broken on the right side and used a freeze spell on the single target and it actually covered both xbows so that was a big thing and that was my only win.

    will be putting it on my auto layout today, thanks! 
    I will let you know how i will change it too because i am concerned about the air defenses

  2. Hey man if u don't mind I would like to join one of the 50 in 50 seconds let me know please I think it's really cool I am a th10

  3. Our champ in our clan went against this base in our last war. 100% him note that he didn't have max heroes but had max defenses. Used 7 golems 1 in cc rest wizards and 4 jump spells and 1 lightning. Our champ also had max heroes. It is a very good base no doubt a lot of people can't 2 star it in wars. 

  4. Great base ash. Just finished clan war and gave up 0 stars on 3 attacks. Gowiwi, gowipe, and lavaloonian. I only have lvl 41 Hero's combined. I believe the highest % it gave up was 41%. Yea yea yea a mass witch could pos 3 star it. But every base has its weaknesses and this one doesn't have many. Great vid chief keep it up.

    B rad 

  5. Switched to this design from a similar design earlier today. Just got hit. 4 golems, 9 wizards, 7 witches(all max) and lvl 40 heroes. They got 52% and 1 star. Best moment? After dropping his jump spell, getting his golems inside the walls, and using a few wizards to help funnel, he dropped all 7 witches in one spot just beyond the trip range of the 3 bombs in the top corner. He then dropped his heroes just behind the witches and tripped the bombs killing all 7 witches instantly. Lol!

  6. Interesting base!

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  9. Yo Ash You should come by my clan and look at the attack strategy Goho (Golems Hogs) Our top 2 th9's three starred Couple bases with it..clan name:The Hybrid We are lvl 4

  10. ash are you preparing a video about EXODIAS ELITE or not :)

  11. ash also has it on a trending now video, which truthfully is where i saw it first

  12. search  hocus pocus under clashing with matty in youtube and you will see how to beat this base it is the strategy i have been using with a lot of success(meaning easy 2star and probable 3star) against high th10s with this style of base in clan wars

  13. Definately don't use this base in wars, there are so many ways to 2/3 star it

  14. damn you r tallk to match

  15. that base is shit every1 knows how to beat it…u just found it lol. My war base hasnt been defetaed in 3 wars by a single th ten with max freeze and lvl 20 heros. th ten

  16. Nice war base

  17. Sweet video :D

  18. He did a surgical loonion

  19. (:

  20. Interesting setup, wouldn't recommend this base setup to underdeveloped Th10's tho! 😉