Clash Of Clans | NAME CHANGE how it works + How to FIX it

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  1. Omg most epic intro!! Haha im waiting for that “i changed my name when i
    was drunk” thread to pop ip

  2. I’m staying as “TheDukeOfWales” but I’m going to keep the name change
    feature available in case something comes up later down the road.


    no, lol

  4. Thanks Daddy for telling me this! 🙂 I now changed my name from ElderBane
    to ElderBane.

  5. To scared to rename because I know I will choose the most stupidest one
    yet, but I’m not happy with my current one hahaha.

  6. ok the dominos were pretty sick xd

  7. I chamged it to yomomma coz it says yomommas attacking your village

  8. 1 Like 1 prey For Nepal ??

  9. Fuck i changed my name to CuntCan101 and its just **********

  10. My username is Loko8. I use it on everything, everytime i register in
    something, i use it. I canged it to AssBlaster.


  11. wait so u can change it then change it back to what u have always had

  12. When i started playing clash, I decided “Duncaaaaaaaaaaaaan” would be a
    cool name.
    However, the a’s were seen as pretty annoying, so thankfully I could change
    my name to “Duncan” after the update.

  13. Changed mine to Drew Peacock

  14. i changed my name to xXChampionAIRXx cause i love air jordans there my fav
    type of shoe and my name is Champion so together thay make ChampionAIR

    the x is a outline like This *COOL*

  15. I loveeeee the this intro. You really pit a lot of work into it. 

  16. I changed mines from MrAoNClipz to Clipz because I didn’t like MrAoN in it
    I just liked Clipz lol 

  17. Nice intro, so awesome with those dominoes :D

  18. My bro has his account name set to “viz kaz” and he changed my account name
    to “mini viz” because I told him to handle my account for a while. Can
    Supercell help me get my account name back? From your video it looks like
    it wont but I asked you nonetheless.

  19. My friend changed my name to Vote Ukip

  20. Changed from Sammypzv to Sammypzv as suggested

  21. Love the intro!

    Changed my name to something awesome

    It’s so awesome

  22. I changed my name to ass kicker

  23. love the domino intro

  24. Plz give me some ideas for coc name because im not shure in what i should
    change it and my current name is horrible