Clash Of Clans | New 2015 Update Sneak Peek! – NAME CHANGE!

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  1. So, when will this name change update be coming?

  2. I did it know my name is jason voorhes

  3. New sneak peak update: A NEW HERO!!!!!!!!!!
    This is not a joke

  4. i lve

  5. This sucks they should make it to where you can pay to change it! My friends dared me to change it to something stupid so I'm stuck with it. I wouldn't mind them changing where you pay after the first free name change. Who all agrees? Anyone. 

  6. yessss my name in coc is wtg th ugly right. i will is to scawthon

  7. It won't let me change mine,the okay button is gray.

  8. Wow they made it today that you can only do it once.

  9. You could already change your name just go to the settings icon and it will show "Change Name"

  10. It has been updated!!!yeaaahhhhh

  11. New update . the bookmarks the air sweeper the Confirm attack on wars . AND CHANGE NAME 

  12. The Update is Done > .But my phone is old Cant update it damen nigga

  13. #HYPE

  14. its today, and its a one time only change.

  15. Update Camed 30 minutes ago.. it costs gems..

  16. But 1000 gems for name change is smart or 2000 cause some addicted people will do anything

  17. How would you be able to report people in coc or how would people know who I am or my clan man that really not well thought out plan, and everyone happy about but they don't badly the effects would like really even change clan names would man the game horrible. The only way this updata would work is if how names work

  18. Because if changed my name how people know who I am

  19. This dumb idea

  20. so now people can sneak to their friends clan by just changing the name and see what his or her friends thinks about him or her…