Clash of Clans – NEW 2015 UPDATE! Townhall 11, Gem Collector, & MORE 2015 Update Wishlist!

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  1. Update wishlist to improve loot! @ClashofClans ;)

  2. Wizard King and pekka queen

  3. The gem storage doesn’t make sense to me. If it stores gems for you, then
    people would come and take your gems. I know you mentioned how people
    wouldn’t be able to take your gems, but that means the storage would be a

  4. Giant king 

  5. Gem collector is a pretty poor idea. There should be some daily quests you
    can do and the reward is gems and XP. That’d keep plenty of people playing
    the game. Eg. Destroy 12 cannons in the next 24 hours and receive: 5 gems
    and 150 XP

  6. Tbh gem collectors would be stupid

  7. Legends is a quarter of 1 mil

  8. Make it were town hall 6 can get Dragon s


  10. 10 gem a hour is good

  11. If supercell added “gem collector” then the company would be loosing money.

  12. We already have a gem storage, if there is an ability to take the gems,
    then people may quit or related.

  13. They should add Deez Nutz into the game!

  14. Fsuatl gem collector? Isnt that what the bushes, trees, and gem boxes are
    for… But it would be cool. I doubt supercell would do it

  15. They already said no to a gem collector, and we already have one, it’s
    called trees and bushes and shrooms. Lol

  16. I have a pretty good idea for the goblin king; what if you can use the
    goblin king based on your loot. That’s very general and probably doesn’t
    make sense, but what if the goblin king would fight for the side with more
    loot, as long as both players have him unlocked by beating all single
    player maps. You cannot upgrade him. So, for example, if only one player
    has the goblin king, then they’d get him no matter what, even if they have
    0 loot and the other person have 8,000,000 loot. Now the stats of the king
    would vary, let’s say you’re a town hall 8 attacking a town hall 8, the
    king’s stats would be something set, but if you’re a town hall 8 attacking
    a town hall 9 with the goblin king, he’d be buffed, and if you’re using the
    king as a town hall 9, he’d have lower stats. Sorry if that was confusing. 

  17. Gem pump okay if it goes straight in to the gems you already have and it
    cant get took of you. Gem storage no basically all the gems I have saved up
    to get my 4th and 5 th builders will be took away.

  18. Th 11 I think will be in 2016

  19. Can I join your clan? It is bookmarked but I’m too low in trophies to join.
    I’m am your #1 fan. Also I love Timmy2chains. I’m a rushed townhall 8 but
    I’m in gold two with 1700 trophies and would love to join. Plz reply. I
    have a donation ratio of about 50/50 and am online almost everyday and i
    would lovr to join! plz reply! 

  20. They already have a gem collector… Destroying obstacles..

  21. Every month you supercell should give every player 500 gems plz 

  22. What I really want is using heroes in war even when they are upgrading!
    come on Supercell

  23. I like video,i like idea,i don’t like that idea about gem storage!!!

  24. Yay! Finally, there will be a gem collector! My Big Bro’ talked about this
    last time, that we hope that there will be like more achievements to get
    gems for people who already have a 5th builder, and the Gem Box only
    contains 25 gems. And it comes only often, well probably sometimes only,
    rare in a case maybe. And yeaasss! Finally, I hope this will come out soon.

  25. They should a tiers to single player mission that the higher the tier u are
    the harder the defence and more the loot, but u have to get up to so much
    stars to unlock a new tier