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  1. Keep wishing mr clasher

  2. Ahh no we aren't getting new spells

  3. Click bait as freaking usual

  4. If ur town hall 7 use 20 giants 20 wizards and couple wall breakers 2 heal spells and 1 rage spell then in ur town hall request either max Giants or max wizards I three star pretty well made bases hopefully it helps report back

  5. That's intro is fucking trash

  6. click bait much

  7. Dude I saw u in norsk global my name is "matthew marshie "

  8. Aye its wiz mc and what clan yall in now? Cause yall left proud ytubers

  9. Stop. This won't get you anywhere. I think out of all cod youtubers you are one of the people who clickbait the most.

  10. i want level 8 walls to be upgraded with elixir !!!!!

  11. Nice video. I think it is way too hard for th10s. I've been on th 10 for too long and I play constantly and can't get loot no more and struggle to use a cheap army and star. There needs to be a change for th10

  12. Alliances would be nice 🙂
    Like if ya' agree.

  13. And u would only be able to have 2 of these so u can get both sides of ur base and u can put this on air or ground like a Xbow

  14. And the sound affects of the dynamite bomb would be as if a firecracker was shoot into the air and when it hits the ground it would sound like a gun shot to get the players attention and this would go up to lvl 4

  15. And also the dynamite bomb would kill 75% of the troops in its range

  16. I got an idea of a new trap it could be called the dynamite bomb it would be hidden and if troops went by it would fly in the air like the eagle altillary and then it would hit the ground and it would explode but it would only do this once

  17. 2×2 spring trap :D

  18. Click bait smh

  19. another good video another one and another one!

  20. The intro sounds like a robot drowning lmao i love it xD <3

  21. good video

  22. can u not say 2016? lol

  23. but i like this video new troop i can't wait XDD

  24. bro i was thinking that you will pop-up same picture on what are you saying

  25. what's up faggggggg

  26. Bruh why the hell would you put wish list at the very end of the title? Can you seriously stop this click bait shit? You used to not do this.

  27. I hope there is new th7 things…

  28. Hope you all enjoyed this video and again this is a WISHLIST AND IDEAS! Can we smash 50 likes?! #Clash

  29. neat vid :P

  30. We need a new defense to either combat the level 3 witch or the grand warden. Right now attacking is over powered.