Clash of Clans | NEW ATTACK STRATEGY | Pushing to LEGEND

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  1. His name is skylock

  2. CQOTD: Are you going to go to the next ClashCon ? (#NoticeMehSempah)

  3. You are my favorite clash of clans youtuber and I've been subscribed for over a year . Thx for making great videos

  4. Hes an awesome player we tied

  5. Nice Attacks ?

  6. Cam i just vs one of ur clan members in clash royale

  7. I hate when u try to zoom in on clash videos and u can't :(

  8. CQOTD: How can I get into one of your feeders for BarbariaNParty? I don't have a Twitter account and I am unable to make one. Can you post when the clans are opening on Instagram?

  9. CQOTD-What do you plan on doing for 1mil subs???

  10. CQOTD: Can you add a facecam on your videos so we can see your reactions while you attack?

  11. OMG I live in California too don't move cam plz

  12. can you tell me a good strategy for th6 pliz

  13. Where in California

  14. IM live in the united states maryland


  16. CQOTD : is YouTube hard or is it just the editing ?

  17. CQOTD: How long have you played clash of clans?

  18. what city do you live in

  19. CQOTD: When will Shanna let you park the car in the garage? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. So basically gowewe with a queen walk

  21. The intro :)

  22. Cam can I join your clan

  23. CQOTD: What will you do for one million subs

  24. Can I get 100 likes just 4 fun

  25. Where in California

  26. OMG he attacked the guy he attacked with the clan called aim strongest was in a clan war with us ?

  27. I dun goofed, I bought the dark barracks first instead of the drill :(

  28. Cam, can you consider opening your clans later in the day? I live in cali and didnt have thr chance to join because i was at school. if you could do it for a time that is good for all of the us that woyld be nice

  29. that king tho

  30. wait.. cam made a video called epic attack?!

  31. TH9 with AQ lv25, BK lv19 (going to 19 probably by tomorrow, had to gem him for war). 666 war stars, max defenses, working on lv10 walls now. my specialty is golaloon/max attack. could use some work with goho. have 10k donations so far this season and have current war screenshots of both of my attacks w/troop comp, pic of base and entry point. would like a shot at being in your clan, direction to which feeder clan would be awesome, also would love to not stay there long as I have a good home now, but big fan and would love to be in war with all 3 star strategists. Clan name is MajorLeagueWars, my name is You if u would like to check me out. hope to hear from you soon.

  32. The intro tho

  33. Can I join your clan

  34. CQOTD: Cam do you consider trophy pushing easy?Also thanks

  35. yes I live in cali like if u live in cali

  36. I live in cali

  37. CQOTD: What do you plan on doing for 1mil subs? btw congratz bro!

  38. CQOTD : will this channel be only clash of clans or are u gonna post other game videos?
    would love to see u play other games!

  39. I've attack you cam

  40. Do you live in Palo Alto

  41. If your queen was level 40…