Clash of Clans New Bomb Tower Bacon Maker

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  1. Aweome! Simply awesome! This perfectly explains the options and realities of dealing with the hogs with the changes. Thanks Heather!

  2. Hi Clash Tutor. I am a big fan of ring bases. I was saving Thumper for a war where I felt threatened by a possible 3 stars. I have not tried it yet and here comes the bomb tower…and Thumper is outdated. Help?

  3. I didn't even know you could do a double heal spell, I though it would just treat it as 1 heal zone. That's very interesting

  4. Love how insightful you can be in these videos, and it's not to difficult to follow. Thanks heather!

  5. hogs were fine sure add a defence but why make a balanced troop now OP hogs will ruin bases with ease now f6or sure with hybrid attacks if you only have to avoid the bomb tower on the base with them

  6. thank heavens.

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  9. R.i.p th7

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  12. Yeah, this won't make it live, will make hogs too broken.

  13. Does the healing effect on heal spells stack? I was not aware…

  14. I love your videos!!!!

  15. I love your videos!!!!

  16. this was very exciting! tks a ton. i use hogs mostly for lure & backdoor so this won't effect me much, but will help me redesign my th9 base

  17. Hey thanks. Good to know. So basically if you place the bomb tower on the outside and the other defense on the inside of the base it will work like before. Only exception is that the giant bomb locations are no longer secret.

    Have you tried a double bomb with 2 small bombs between (2×5 tiles)? Theoretically this should work as well if they are detonated at the same time.

  18. No offense, but it kinda looks like the bomb tower sucks

  19. maybe we will see players using lightening / quake to destroy the bomb towers.

  20. Wasn't expecting buildings from Royale to transfer, but MAN, WAS I HOPING!!!

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  22. Awesome video.

  23. hogs are now op it's going to be impossible to stop back end hogs when you know that only a bomb tower and double bombs can stop them. it's going to be obvious and there's only 1 bomb tower…time to watch them 3* th9 attacks come left right and centre

  24. Where did you got this coc type .i want it too

  25. Next video going to be on friendly wars?

  26. cool video

  27. what is that? unreleased version or some mod of unreleased version tell me the name please or sell me one I want it , is it like fhx or something?

  28. I'm thinking that the towers are just going to give away the hog kill zones. Where as previously, on a well designed base with a fresh hit, you had to guess where the dgb sets were. Now kill squads will be directed into these areas to trigger the kill zones. If it turns out that you have objectives at the other side of a base opposite these zones, such as a cc kill, queen kill etc, surgical deployment of hogs will also trigger these zones very cheaply. All in all I am loving the update news so far. Especially the new army training format. Lushness to the max. The hog buff concerns me though. A troop that is already the most popular back end destroyer.

  29. it shuld be rearmed or not

  30. Does this apply to hogs Vs bomb towers & bombs at th9 level too?

  31. well hog attacks are harder thanks supercell?

  32. so now we have only 1 area where we can kill hogs, and its clear to see to attackers….

  33. The bomb tower is going to be really useful for my clans TH8s and protecting air defences from hogon attacks.

  34. Great video! Was about to post a clan message to explain the same thing but now I just need to link this… Thanks for the visual aid!