Clash of Clans: NEW CLAN Announcement – Introducing Noteworthy????? + Epic Goblin Raid!!!!

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  1. Join clan mms warriors

  2. I’m Town Hall 8 Level 72 (Almost 73)
    Looking For a Good Farming Clan with Level 70+ Only
    Post Replies

  3. Join The Azure Squad
    We are new!

  4. join the TemplarCrusades

  5. i am in clan

  6. Join Pirlo empire
    My username Lopez
    Required trophies 1200

  7. I am a big clasher my name is better than you and my clan name is CLAN OF
    WAR and we have 14080 trophies right now with only 24 members and we need
    good lvl 50+ members to help us. Please comment if interest we would love
    to have you as long as your active!

  8. Join my clan. Clan tag: #92V8UY

  9. Yes we are trying to push our members back up to 50 rigt now we are at 27

  10. please join my clan only started it up today loads of laughs and friendly
    only 3 members including myself but really want this clan to take off
    please join #9Q8CJVLY
    Buisness Banta

    great video though 

  11. Hey guys I’ve recently created a clan, Elixir Mafia with 4 members if
    you’re looking for a good clan to join this could be the one ? ps my coc
    name is XaWaAbX

  12. Join zombiecorn we are new!

  13. Do 5ou get your intro from harry potty and the deathly hallows where
    voldemort kills harry

  14. Check out this video on YouTube:

  15. Hey guys I just made a new clan call FC Rice join for great future wars and
    be active guys thanks ?

  16. My clan name is KT Gamer.

  17. i am currently trying to join

  18. I really want to join your clan

  19. Can I join noteworthygamers?

  20. Join guys “The Real Clan®” search that and join the best newly founded
    clan. Hope to see some of you

  21. Hey guys, Complete Exile is a new clan. I made it because I got tired of
    the clans that were full of inactive community or were just disorganized.
    At the moment, we need members, and lots of them! Just check us out in
    game, we’re the only clan with this name! We have two wars a week, and
    before you do look at us, just know elder and co are earned. Thanks guys! 

  22. Hi gays.. Ahem I mean guys. I’ve started up a new clan called MLG_Clashers
    and i would appreciate it if some of you guys would join. See I got it
    right that time! Anyway ye it would be very much appreciated if you join
    and stay with us. I am Town Hall 7, level 45. I can give Dragons and
    Minions! Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

  23. Join the Alpha Mermaids™ were a new clan we planning to do lots of clan

  24. Join my new clan its called (Be Real) pink n white stripes ??? logo my
    name is Raiden n I’m leader lvl47 gold n up join good war players too ??

  25. Join my clan._TMNT,easy to find and hv active donation