Clash of Clans | NEW DARK Spell POISON Gameplay! | Max lvl 4 Poison Spell Revealed!

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  1. How does that kid have maxed th10 with lev 1 heroes

  2. I like how he comentates like he recoreded this vid he diddnt a bunch of you tubers got this clip from a developer to get this

  3. Dudes join my clan war 5

  4. Atleast Ur Honest Unlike Some Youtubers That Say It's Thier Footage

  5. im raffling stuff of

  6. plz sub

  7. bitch= b=barbarians itch=witches

  8. Why do youtubers keep pretending that the video is them playing the game?

  9. hey nick do u know when this update is coming out? :)

  10. Nick make a clan and u should let us jion because we all love to witch u play

  11. why does everybody act like they r recording this when it's developer footage

  12. Did you guys mention that he attack his clan team? How did u do that????

  13. you fake

  14. I am saying it will come out tomorrow if it doesn't I will be so mad and anxious all day

  15. Can you tell supercell to add more defence to the game pleassssssssssssse.

  16. When does this new update come out

  17. nickatnyte your video is great USERNAME:YASHPREET townhall lvl 4

  18. What TH is the dark spell factory unlocked?