Clash of Clans | NEW EARTHQUAKE DARK SPELL! | New Update Dark Spell Gameplay!

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  1. This update is why I came back to coc the lightning on my 

  2. ? крутая игруха.

  3. Woah i had that idea of a shield over your loot so spells couldn't steal it. Guess supercell did aswell. Lol

  4. Me vendes tu aldea? Te pagare $400.000

  5. I love a lot of your videos!

  6. There's something that still bothers me in this game

    Why does your troops disappear despite that you win or loose ! I mean seriously ?! 

  7. How do u keep attacking chief

  8. Does it work for clan wars if you have a storage at low health can you earth quack and lighting?

  9. Please do a boom beach video, its been a week :(

  10. I have the new update i don't have the spells I'm not town hall 8

  11. Wtf is the difference bout the fn lightning spell and the earthquake 

  12. Awesome update ever

  13. Can someone tell me the attack damage difference between the lightning spell and earth quake spell?

  14. And storages don't take lightning damage that's BS horrible update >:(

  15. I hate that u cant lightning spell storages cause when ur in war u have no troops just a lightning spell ur at 49% and a storage has almost no health u try to lightning it and it doesnt work and u lose the war :(

  16. You copied chief pat 

  17. Hi

  18. Hi Nick can I join your clan I am in gold

  19. Doesn't deal damage to loot buildings

  20. Zzz…this channel just copying someone video…its already post it early….not creative at all ("-_-)