Clash Of Clans | “NEW” EPIC TOWN HALL 9 FARMING BASE | TH9 Design Speed Build [2015]

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  1. cc

  2. havoc have u tested the base with a th9 cos most of the bases are only good cos u have higher level stuff

  3. HEY bro just i am following the same route as you(speed builds) have you got any advise for me to improve my speed builds? thanks if you reply

    keep the epic vids up!!!!

  4. this base too beautiful for my eyes

  5. 2nd*

  6. if i get nd cauldron from ur other I like all ur vids one by one I got one already I subbed

  7. Havoc can you do th8.75 ( no xbows) farming base?

  8. lets go havoc juan v juan me irl bruh jk lets play btd together :)

  9. this is the best base , I am max town hall 9 and i need dark elexir ;)

  10. this Base is DE farming & gold, if u woried about elexir swap 2 store with gold, also attacker Will Come from 1 side.
    Also HaVoC Thanks ?

  11. Lol… You could have done it with your th9 account

  12. He deleted comments lmao

  13. what are requirements to join your clan

  14. lol i'm th8

  15. well, seems this base layout is good, but unfortunately im upgrading all my tesla to level 7 and theyre not working hahaha good design

  16. Th8 version Pushing?

  17. ?

  18. Awesome base duude !

  19. Nice base bro!!! Iam going to use it until I get my second x-bow :3

  20. Base approved by : DarkLegendRider 69/69