Clash of Clans: NEW Favorite FARMING STRATEGY! GiGoBArch!! +UPDATE INFO

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  1. can u talk about the new clash update

  2. IIRC spells used to take 30/45 minutes, then they became 20/30 and now they're all 20.

  3. I use this strategy all the time to farm! It's honestly really effective (but not as effective as your army) and I was able to get my king in 2 days after I upgraded to TH7 (and gem boosts :P)!

  4. Was at work During Golden Hour….Damn.

  5. Sick Thumbnail.:D

  6. Klaus why u stopped pushing?

  7. Just got to th9 dude, am I allowed to join your clan? I did max out th8 and once again got th9 today like 3 hours ago!!!!

  8. just found out you hit 700 subs!!! nice job man! keep it up with the good work and great clash content!

  9. You're one of the best Clash YouTubers Klaus! Keep up the good work!

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