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  1. Wish the fucker is available on th9.

  2. When is the update rolling out? Now its getting difficult to wait . Getting damn exciting!!! :)

  3. Another feature to get you to gem to the new town hall level

  4. i had a herogasm too bro! the GW is a badass. this hero really changes the game. do you know what town hall he is gonna be available for?????

  5. +Clash With Ash which do you think would be better to set the Grand Warden at on offense and defense ground or air?

  6. This hero will make a huge difference

  7. As a th 10, 9, and 8 I am finding the update to be th 11 only. really with all the new defense and hero how to they expect a th 10 to compete with them. Do they really want just th 11s attacking th 11? What's the point here?

  8. Did anyone read the grand wardens description? He turns in to a tower on defence. So it looks like he may be the eagle artillery as well. Thanks ash for this leak. Good job

  9. i like him…

  10. Nice video!! But how do you think the new hero is on defense? I havent seen/heard anything about how he reacts when hes defending your village… Probably kinda useless then?

  11. When Will we be able to get the New Hero? He looks awesome!!!!

  12. Do we have confirmation from SC that he is TH11 exclusive?

  13. 9:10 holly crap, I did not expect Ash to look like that in real life. Hearing his voice, I always imagined him as this skinny nerdy teen with glasses, but man was I wrong. He looks like a jacked sick thug lol

  14. Only @ TH11… Just upgraded to TH10 so it's years until I can try it

  15. Ash you think it will be worth taking the loss for attacking all the town halls left outside after the update before the mass pop changes their bases?

  16. Watched both galadon and ur videos for today's sneak peeks, not to put gala down but I found ur video is much more informative, thanks ash keep it all the hard work! :)

  17. I was cracking up at the beginning with that intro xD (a herogasm is correct lmaoo). But it definetly did make the video seem a lot more exciting and the new hero is so cool! Gonna be really interesting to see how much this update is gonna change the game… :)

  18. Did anyone notice at 8:57 the 3% bonus for the town hall snipe?

  19. Awesome! Yeah yeah, the hero is epic. Can't wait to be th11! But a side note of awesomeness…now I know what happens when I find those soon to be a thing of the past, townhall snipes! I get the trophies, and a small percentage of the bonus. I will be sniping town halls like mad on day 1/2/3 getting all that 1/4 DE and 1/5 Gold/Elixer! :-)

  20. So the hero is really a healer hero?