Clash Of Clans | NEW HERO POSSIBILITY!!! New Town Hall 11 Update 2015!

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  1. I think the new hero is going to be a druid priest or some sort of druid the way it looks and from what super cell says about the new hero being a support troop

  2. What If It's like a bird. Maybe the nose is actually a beak?! Look at the feet. They look like talons.

  3. I would prefer a flying hero because then less defence towers would not go after it

  4. I wonder if the hero is only for th11

  5. if your wrong (not trying to be mean) people will think this is funny I like this though

  6. It says it costs 6 million elixer…. not dark elixer…. What resource do you think it will use to be upgraded? Also, Since the barbarian king and archer queen are de based on elixer troops, it seems like this could mean that it's elixer based on a de troop.

  7. Healer king

  8. I love ittt????????❤?

  9. His nose likes like a penguin from club penguin

  10. General Tony, what is the name of the new hero??

  11. I'm early let me think of a JOKE…


  12. Goblin King !! I Hackes Clash of clans Server

  13. Maybe a wizard king or a witch queen

  14. What a stupid drawing. Look at his shoes. Kinda like a sorcery shoes. And im betting that thats a shield

  15. this video was completely off… i dont like the idea of a "hero" that cost reg elixir… seems off… clash failed on this update so far imo

  16. they should make a new spell for that defense , like one that makes your troops go off radar by defenses for a period of time .

  17. send rage to hes teammates? hopefully hes after heroes in defence

  18. Looks like this hero gonna work like witch

  19. New defense too strong against golems and heros must fix the new bird looking defense

  20. Anything that stops attacks. Count me in( I'd even rush to th11 if i have to get that defence