Clash Of Clans | NEW HERO!!! The Grand Warden – Live action

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  1. Donald trump is better.

  2. like the new intro to your video

  3. To be honest, it looks like Supercell have got bored of the game now and are trying to make people quit. Most of the updates will not help the game in any way, shape or form. They're all for 'TH11'.

  4. Thanks for the video Daddy and the channel in general. The new hero does sound interesting. I can think of plenty of war strategies (and farming) that could be built around it and the spell changes. Lightening, quake two air defences and then use valkyries with healers, a warden and add on golem/witches/wizards as needed (I'm naming it Immortal Valkyrie). As someone who really enjoys base design though I honestly can't think how to stop 3 stars now at TH9 vs TH9. And I think offence at TH9 and above just got a huge boost and is probably going to be over powered. I'm not too worried though as I'm sure Supercell will get things balanced eventually.

  5. Interesting look and functionality…

  6. did I just see the new th11??

  7. So it's basically the healer King?

  8. At 2:14 we learn that the new bonus for Champions 2 will be 225.000 of gold/elixir and 1.400 of dark elixir.

  9. I think I might stop maxing and rush to th11 for this awesome hero!!

  10. I'm disappointed that it's upgradeable with Elixir. I have 1.5b GG and 7m HH and my heroes have been maxxed for a while but I still have 175 magmas to do. My DE just goes to waste. I try to donate as much to my clan and use as much in farming as I can but it still sits there with 200k in it overflowing :

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  12. the time of attact is 3 min 30 sec is it the change?

  13. Interesting hero I'm very excited! But does his special ability affect the other heroes? and does his HP buff support the heroes? or is it purely just for troops?

  14. Nice Vid Daddy

  15. Looks visually horrible, way to overpowered, Noway should dragon tear through a max th11 that easy, this update will kill the the game, to easy for unskilled players that play 5 minutes a day, just like call of duty they make it to easy for noobs

  16. important question: before you take the GW out for say for example an air attack, do you have to set the GW to air so it is able to heal the air-troops? Because in the attack where it is healing the dragons: The GW is floating, and in the ground-attack; the GW is walking.

  17. at 2:00 was that not TH snipe, or did he not get shield

  18. Is the Grand Warden supposed to be a Giant, Wizard, or both?

  19. clanwar strategy: The grand warden-walk

  20. Pretty cool I like it .