Clash Of Clans – “NEW HIDDEN UPDATE?!?” Supercell Adds Dead Bases! FARMING IS BACK? NEW 2016 Update!

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  1. Lmao havoc ur late m8 XD. I figured this out weeks ago. (Check my twitter) i thought u already knew that XD haha

  2. What's the song called at the ending of the video??

  3. In fact a fact!

  4. bae posted a video

  5. Your channel is full of bullshit

  6. removed dead bases? ur such a a dumbass

  7. Haha I attacked right after this video to see if it was true and got 450k each

  8. +HavoC Gaming – Clash of Clans Is it true that you bought an account from another YouTuber jewishlewish? (I apologize for possible incorrect spelling )

  9. Outro song?

  10. I find Dead bases all the time the update made me find more loot i find 1 million loot each time lol why does everyone complain

  11. I know this is off topic but what's the background music?

  12. WHY NO INTRO ???

  13. Nice man =-=

  14. The fact that he had a dead account convinced me

  15. I find dead bases at 1200-1400 English chat

  16. Hi just started making coc videos , It would be great for some feedback thanks (:

  17. Wow nice clickbait fgt.

  18. It's been back for about a week

  19. WAIT YOU GUYS HONESTLY JUST REALIZED THIS???? I HAVE BEEN FARMING MY ASS OFF FOR THE LAST WEEK, FEEDING OFF OF ALL THE NUBS WHO QUIT BECAUSE THEY LOST THEY'RE FARMING HAHAHAHA. Seriously tho guys, c'mon, get with the program, farming has been back for a while now but you assholes are just to busy spamming the comments with 'Farming is dead, Clash is dead, I quit playing.' Just… Just wow I'm at a loss for words if you couldn't tell.

    Actually keep doing what you're doing, I'm loving the endless amounts of loots because you guys quit, so stay quit plz :3

  20. stop clickbaiting

  21. ???

  22. SUP!

  23. Is slushy ur GF? Th9 version of ur base?

  24. And why u keep on saying the perfect range of trophies to farm if like u said SUPERCELL KILLED FARMING daim bro u really into some dumb shit

  25. Why u coping slushy songs thats is not cool at all

  26. dead bases are still in the game lol

  27. Interesting ?❤️ lmao haiiiiii???

  28. love the photoshop skilz that thumbnail was pristine

  29. 1rst


  31. 8th

  32. Omg love u man upload more

  33. 6th

  34. LIKE

  35. i never had a problem for farming im a th8 as well

  36. ?

  37. hiii