Clash of Clans | NEW OP ATTACK STRATEGY?! | 100,000,000 Views?!

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  2. And am I the only one like "WHERE IS THE FUNNY INTRO?!" I was about to go back to check if I missed it and got scared because it came up!

  3. I knew that intro was coming some time

  4. can i join ur clan? im max th7

  5. cam can u make th7 base that protects all your loot plzz

  6. can can i join i am th lvl 7 and i have dragons pleaseeee

  7. Cam u watch wrestling

  8. Cool intro cam
    just one request,can u make a th7 base that protects all of your loot.

  9. best intro ever

  10. Can someone tell me the title to the forever alone song? Thanks..

  11. Hey cam … You ara amazing … Your channel are so funny … Keep it up ??

  12. omg i know but im soo proud of my self i just got townhall 7 been playing for 4 months i know no one cares but im just exited at this very of typing this ………nevermind

  13. How can I join your clan? What's the requirements?? When are you posting it?! :(

  14. that intro

  15. Прив

  16. 00:02 wtf

  17. Do a video when you attack with all your accounts at the same time!

  18. Thank you lord Yeng

  19. There are only 2 reasons to use balloons with hogs: 1) use the loons to destroy defenses where there is a dgb to prevent hogs pathing through it, and 2) not enough DE to make a full contingent of hogs.

  20. I use headphone everyday and thank God nothing happened. Just don't put it in full volume