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  1. NEW poison spell starting at TH8
    TH8: 7 housing space
    TH9: 9 housing space
    TH10: 11 housing space

  2. so no one will be using the lightning spell then

  3. Poison spell!

    But 1 question still remains…

    What other potions will come out?

  4. lightning spells are utterly useless in th9 and 10… RIP lightning spells.

  5. OMG did you noticed the lightning spell only takes 20 minutes instead of 30

  6. Has anyone noticed that archer towers shoot faster?

  7. NEW poison spell starting at TH8
    TH8: 7 housing space
    TH9: 9 housing space
    TH10: 11 housing space

  8. godson i have an idea for a new dark troop that will be called reptile and
    will lock on resources,will crawle over walls,takes half the dmage from
    inferno and will be healed by healers and heal spells even when locked on
    by inferno towers,he will do 50 damege per sec and will have 3 sec brak
    beetwewn each attack and the damege will gro by 5 more till reach max dmage
    of 80,will have 825 health and will be as slow as the witch (wont do range
    damage) and thats only at level one
    like this if you think this troop is good and reply on things that shoul be

  9. Kinda cool but pretty useless if you think about it. You waste dark elixir
    just so you can take out those cc troops when lightning spells work fine
    and also does damage to buildings so it takes out 2 birds with one stone.

  10. yeah! :3

  11. What if you put more than one spell down on a dragon will that do anything?

  12. Wow witches in clan castle will get absolutely destroyed :(

  13. When the update is coming? and… is the th11 coming? ;)))

  14. Most pointless thing iv seen

  15. Das ist ja mal mega nice 😀
    Bin ich der einzige Deutsche hier ?! :D

  16. New Clasher Here :D

  17. Godson will it work against the Heroes?

  18. Will it work if u drop it on a hero?

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  20. Will the poison spell work on heros too? Their technically a troop

  21. What about heroes? ?

  22. Does it work against enemy heroes?

  23. Will the spell work against heroes?

  24. why can’t they use the poison spell for buildings like the archer tower and
    wizard towers to take them out so they can’t shoot anymore?

  25. Idol godson,any suggestion what troops to put in the clan castle warbase
    def since we have this poison spell now?