Clash Of Clans – “NEW!” REMOVING SCARY PUMPKIN! CoC Halloween Update October 2016 (FULL REVIEW)

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  1. Yo HaVoC wassup ? can u pls do th8 war + farming bases ?

  2. come in my clan ur I'd……… clan tag-#GPROUJQ

  3. lol i am th7 and my base isnt that wide still i got the scary pumpkin on the side feelin so lucky:)

  4. how many pumpkins do you think you will get comment below

  5. how many days it took to spawn

  6. how did u get

  7. Why didn't I get one :(

  8. Under 1000 views remember when the video gets viral

  9. Waste of time, you bastard you are suppose to show removing and what you get when you put a title "NEW!" REMOVING SCARY PUMPKIN!"

  10. I got one

  11. Love ❤️ you you deserve 9999999999999999999101010182738373773 subs

  12. I wonder if it will still be there after Halloween if you don't decide to remove the pumpkin.

  13. cool

  14. check out "HERE channel"

  15. you could make an layout for th9 for this halloween that cover all space, forcing the new scary pumpkin to show up on the sides. and of course protecting the dark elixir!! haha it would be amazing. i know you did this a long time ago.

  16. Cool

  17. What is his outro song called again? Sorry i forgot the name ??

  18. do you need to download the update in order to get the pumpkin?

  19. sup havoc

  20. Third comment

  21. nice video, keep it up

  22. I don't care about the update