Clash of Clans – New Shield System – Town Hall 11 Update 2015 – Dark Barracks and Spell Factory

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  1. these updates arnt so good

  2. that's so dumb, I like the keeping part of it when attacking, I hate the fact that you could lose more loot I am trying to get my walls upgraded to lvl 7 at th 8 I'm almost done but then I want to start on going to lvl 8 walls and with school and things it's going to be more harder

  3. truth is, I'm about to quit CoC when the new update comes out….

    just kidding, but i'm still very pissed about the shield changes! R.I.P farming

  4. Great video man

  5. Hey guys! Clashers! some of you don't know me but i have all the answer of all your hates, dislike about the new sneak peek. This is my own idea about all of those questions.

    First, the reason why Supercall want to implement TH will be inside because there are lots of abusive players. want to go titans legend using TH snipe strategies. TH2 for titans legends? but th10 getting harder to reach titan league? it is really abusive. because th 10 player will only see max bases in their search but th 2 or lower town hall mostly see lower th that the townhall is outside and rub the trophies easily. The solution of the Supercell – all the lower townhall will be go down to lower trophies. they will not grant the shield for them to stay in that league.

    Second – about farming. Clashers! we can still loot good. for me I can loot 300k – 400k gold and elixir weather the townhall is inside. I can show you how i get loots. Anyway there are lots of died bases in the multi player search. you can loot. so this is not a big deal for use.

    Third – players will get your gold and elixir resources? Clashers! all max and lower can get your resources if they want but definitely you will get a 12 hours shield by that becasue 30% of your base defnse destroy. you will get automatically 30% shield.

    You can comment here all you dislike and I will answer all your question and hates. Sorry for my grammar. Keep clash and we can find way in any Supercell updates.

    I am a FARMER player too. I love to farm gold and elixir for my walls and maxing my defense.