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Clash of Clans – NEW SPELL! Skeleton Spell (New Update)

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  1. Here is a good way to use it:
    Drop it on a place were there can be 2 giant bombs and then the hogs can be deployed with worrying about double giant bombs!

  2. You can use this to trigger traps like springs and giant bombs. Looks like a major benefit for hog attackers.

  3. New lvl for cannon :3

  4. hey guys, this is my birthday

  5. you use it to trigger double giant bombs gg

  6. You can USA the skeletons to triggar bombs ?.?.

  7. new spell is sick

  8. Ripped right out of bloodborne

  9. New elixer troop confirmed

  10. Bloody hell this spell is going to spoil the game. Should ban the spell from war or should be ban for luring

  11. It would be good for activating giant bomb but supercell made it so skeletons don't activate traps :(

  12. Wow now people are to a use hogs with this spell

  13. Bye bye Double giant bomb!

  14. New barrack new cannon new spell (the cannon looks too orange)

  15. omg… hog riders will be op you can just trip the giant bombs??

  16. 0:15, it costs 1 de, Chief Pat 2k16

  17. nice spil

  18. what about iron kit ? when heroes dead put it and give them heart

  19. New barrack. Maybe a miner? Like from royale? Damn that cannon looks sexy

  20. 1:32
    new barraks level

  21. Lure out giant bombs for hogs

  22. Clash of Clans is Coming back?

  23. barrak new troop

  24. The game is dead, now it's all about clash Royale

  25. ??? wtf a clash of clans video

  26. you can use it to explode big bombs and then put your hogs down

  27. op spell

  28. play more coc plzz

  29. It will be good at getting rid of giant bombs

  30. You can also use it to take the giant bombs out in a hogrider attack

  31. activate dubble giantbombs

  32. hogs attacks will become soooo soooooo easy with this spell

  33. There are two new barracks levels, look at Alvaro845 video

  34. You and NickAtNyte have the same thumbnail

  35. Did he say 1 elixir

  36. thnx Pat fr informing us ! :)

  37. New Cannon Design at 1:28 (Cannon lvl 14?)

  38. This game is just not fun anymore, anyone else feel that way?