Clash Of Clans | NEW STRATEGY The Healy-Witch, GO GIRL POWER!!!!

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  1. Daddy you may lose subs but the subs you lose you don’t want as they’re
    inactive. its the loyal ones that you want, have & need

  2. 4 different people deserve a round of applause for watching your video

  3. Where is the new strategy?….

  4. Lol daddy I can’t keep up with all your intros XD but there all so cool
    great video as always piggy out

  5. Damnnn Thor gave you the goods at the end!

  6. I’ve gotten into clash cause of you I’ve been watching you for a while 🙂

  7. It is bad cuality i know u can do better

  8. hey daddy i see your in savage 8.9 and seven 7 found me on global theyre
    so awesome

  9. Being a nepali im happy that you supported the victims of our country. 🙂
    clash on

  10. Good morning daddy 🙂 great strategy, might try it soon lol

  11. damn ur de got zapped hard, cant wait for the new update to stop it.I keep
    getting zapped in silver by lower townhalls

  12. ?

  13. Nice new 3D intro, daddy :D

  14. Watch out it’s the nazis
    卐卐卐 HEIL HITLER 卐卐卐
    I’m gonna take him down
    Not yet you’re not
    卐卐卐 HEIL HITLER 卐卐卐
    how can we go on cristiano
    We end adolf now
    No he’s my father
    I don’t care bastian, this ends now

    Like if you don’t want schwienstiger to go to man utd 

  15. 250.000 🙂 

  16. Its mr steal yo girl 

  17. mmmmmmh dat intro

  18. Daddy ! 

  19. This looks OP 

  20. Sorry to see the lightning daddy but, I have great news. In the next update
    people will not get loot from lightning storages 

  21. Daddy wtf was that laughter that scared the shit out of me I was wearing

  22. I love the Intro! Great video as always 

  23. OMG THAT INTRO …. 

  24. great job on 250,000 subscribers :). You are one of the best clash
    youtubers and you make great vids.