Clash of Clans | NEW TH9 Trophy/Troll Base with TWO [2] AIR SWEEPER | 3 Replays in Champ

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  1. Awesome guys! *_* Clash on! :)

  2. Does the base work without the xbows? Since I’m a th8.5 i ain’t building

  3. Does this work at 2700?

  4. Das Rathaus kriegt man im Championliga leicht unter die arme. Trollbase
    wirkt bei Meisterliga nice.

  5. Iv had this base for a while and it works great I made it champs

  6. Awesome guys! *_* Clash on! :)

  7. First comment besides chosencoc

  8. Hey chosen please make a th9 farming base??

  9. terrible trophy/troll base with giants and heal speal follow by archers
    easily 1 star dont try it

  10. Nice great


  12. awesome base! you’re a mad genius(: hahahaha stay awesome and hope you’re
    enjoying the new update Bro

  13. deutsche clasher .. yeah .. daumen hoch

  14. nice 1

  15. Doesn’t work. Town hall can be destroyed only with 100 barbarians and 100
    archers of fifth level, 2-3 heal spells. Even if your defense is fully
    upgraded th 9 base and you have wizards in clan castle. 

  16. With all do respect the 3 people who attacked you had very unimpressive
    troop lvls. The base looks good though. 

  17. This base can easily 3 stared with hogs but attacking from the other side
    of the base