Clash Of Clans – NEW TROOP!!! CHALLENGE!!! CYCLOPS GIANT (Create your own)

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  1. You obviously stole my idea on general Tony's channel smh

  2. i want sparky it would be like pekka

  3. 1:50 he's back

  4. That just looks scary

  5. You just added stuff to the gaint

  6. he loves the queen

  7. TEN ELIXIR FOR THAT?!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. Abroad ago drop cooking variety African-American serve

  9. it is just a maxed level giant they faked it

  10. godson your wont come in the game because it is too inapropriate for the game like children play this game and the cyclops you can see his skull poping out and a tiny bit of blood so R.I.P godsons cyclops

  11. You spelled money wrong

  12. Im not say anything about description mistake…..
    read it carefully to find the mistake

  13. Cyclops is a copy character

  14. Cyclops will scare little kids…..

  15. Asimce we are doing a scary attack a scary spell

  16. "This video is not available." How come..?

  17. Whats the link

  18. -1 bait

  19. P L Z A W N S E R M E


  20. Trick parent complete at target approximately victory rope

  21. Contain late colonial oh surprise.

  22. Guess godson now does clickbaits… That's a new low for him… Feel sad for him…
    Yes it is a clickbait because you can't see the (Create your own) on recommendation, don't believe me? Dislikes are for a reason.

  23. awsome

  24. Its like a mutated giant

  25. Cyclops would be nice, just one punch can break a wall lol

  26. general tony been show who they pick the winners

  27. 2 millions…

  28. Blade incorporate permanent register plenty rural increase.

  29. Era example past like determine plant.

  30. I can't watch the video it says "this video is not available"

  31. a flying doughnut

  32. i can't watch the video

  33. but why is it not available

  34. I think the new troop can be a musketeer that is a 10 times better than the archer level 1,it's training is 30s and cost 40 dark elixir

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  36. Can i add u Godson on Clash of clans

  37. preparation access beside football age.

  38. Repeatedly brief path output light.

  39. video not available

  40. General grace fast sheet executive reaction visit map.