Clash of Clans – NEW TROOP CONFIRMED! NEW “Rocketeer” TROOP 2016 UPDATE!

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  1. I'm excited for new troops

  2. nice video, again lol

  3. Nice video c:

  4. Nice to see you reply to comments unlike some other big youtubers. Nice video too btw, cant wait for new update :D

  5. Mr clasher i found you on ckash of clans a coupke od mins ago and i like ur vids so for

  6. No Problem

  7. Hello ^_^

  8. Cool Video :)

  9. nice video again man

  10. Nice to see Supercell adding some already familair faces from Clash Royale into Clash of Clans ie. Mini Peeka.

  11. Hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans video where I confirm the new troop! Hit the link in the description for more details! Could we smash 50 likes?!! #ClashofClans

  12. i cant play clash of clans and clash royal it keep crashing idk why pls help

  13. I hope it's not a human like maybe like a ghost or something

  14. I think not true

  15. Love you omg

  16. firt

  17. primeiro