Clash of Clans – NEW TROOP UPDATE! New Troops in Clash of Clans Update? New Dark Elixir Troop Ideas!

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  1. #newtroops

  2. most are to op

  3. How about a giant sonic bat with really super strong sound waves that target archer towers

  4. #newtroops

  5. Hey guys I made the rager

  6. #newtroops

  7. I have an idea for the Reaper that it can't be attacked by anything but it can only stay in the battlefield for a short amount of time until it fades away.

  8. troops that target a town hall

  9. There should be a Predator it's like a hound but once put in battle it goes after defenses and can go faster than goblins and hop over the walls and attack but it does a lot of damage with very little health…

  10. My idea is a special wall breaker that carries a bomb in its stomach and self destructs a whole row of walls and cannot be harmed by defenses. Like this comment if it is a good idea

  11. I think the spell mage will be to OP cause it will throw heal lightning poisen rage earthquake freeze and otheer stuff if there are gonna be more spells then those to

  12. #newtroops

  13. maybe a giant King 1,000 health 100 attack

  14. 10f

  15. #new troop why not have a troop that is like a symbiotic type. No abilities on its own but can merge with troops and make them slower but stronger and when it dies the troop it is on is ragged for a short time. It would only work on troops with a hs of 12 or lower so you couldn't make pekkas or golem op. It would be good for hogs this troop is special it is particularly useful against infornos these towers only do half damage, would make hogs a threat at th10 again. I dont have a name but I think would be helpful, if you think it sucks no need to bash me you can just thumbs it down. I have never heard of this so I think I can say I thought of it first.


  17. a spider that can shoot small webs at defences to stop them for a short amounts of times

  18. yeti would be op in cc and gowipe raids because if he targets inferno towers then its pretty much easy win
    and it would be too op against crowded troops or even golems etc

  19. I think for a new troop a canon goblin basically he runs fast but falls over walls but it shoots bombs out of it and it only go after canons and air defens

  20. What is the intro songs name?