Clash of Clans – NEW TROOPS REVEALED! ‘ROCKETEER’ + ‘CHAIN LIGHTNING’! (CoC NEW Troop Update 2016)

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  1. The fuck are you saying? COC isn't dying, people just don't wanna move on.

  2. If Eclipse replys to this i will like the video, Hi eclipse hows your day??? better reply

  3. Thx for the info mate

  4. so negative in this video..

  5. 2015 was not a good year for coc. global isn't so lively (I'm in English. not norsk BTW. it was really active back in 2014 nd before that.)way more dead clans than ever before. hardly any req n go clans anymore. I lost love for it too. clans aren't as active anymore. the list goes on. it was a pretty awesome game though! nd it sux but when I played a lot. I queen walked for war and farming. good luck to those who plan on playing for who knows how long btw

  6. Eclihpse the #1 news channel for COC

  7. Skeletons won't trigger traps any longer, so R.I.P. to the witches due to giant bombs or spring traps, aswell as due to the mortar level 9…
    They nerfed Queen Walk just once again… Supercell does some shit these days… They fuck up everything

  8. You guys are babies about farming, I was finding dead bases back to fucking back only searching less than 10 minutes…

  9. It would be better if the pekka dies and hen splits into 2 mini pekkas like if u agree

  10. So many things are gonna change after this, especially with queen walks….

  11. XD clash of clans is dead And the hype of clash Royale is Over xD many people complaining about The chest system… So SUPERCELL will Soon have 2 dead games ??

    Lets go and play Hay Day

  12. Why is everyone still complaining? Farming is still as easy, and sniping wasnt even meant to be in the game. Sniping was a very lazy way to push, well if you can even call it pushing

    Supercell wont change it back, so stop complaining, the game is still as good :D

  13. I feel like they are just going to take clash royale troops and put them in clash of clans. I lien clash but it gone downhill. Love the vids keep it up.

  14. And another click bait title..

  15. I swear if these troops are only available at th 11 I'm gonna be so mad

  16. Barch is dead? Wtf are you talking about lmfao, I be getting ton shit of loot using barch and bam.

  17. I don't understand, are you sure of this ?? Or just ideas ?

  18. they pooped clash

  19. god ur fake shit is annoying

  20. honistly its a mobile game boohoo, I dont like it much any more cause its boring and stuff and cause clash royal just came out a few days ago for me so yaaa

  21. Clash of clans is dead and dying

  22. U should start doing Halo, Cod, Fallout, and PvZ GW2 vids. Of course its up to u, but I think it would be great for ur channel.

  23. Now the CoC and clash royale teams kinda have a rivalry xD

  24. Wouldn't it make sense for the mini Pekka to come out of nowhere like an rko after the real Pekka dies?

  25. Is the Ice Mace actually real?‼️

  26. Hi :D