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Clash of clans NEW UPDATE 2016 – Friendly battle ! Inside Savage Skull

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  1. Songs at 1st Coc Gameplay : OMFG – HELLO✌

  2. whats the intro song called when he starts coc

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  5. Are man they got this dick head back seriously this guy its like a tornado in the mick and his commentating on his intro seriously this guy is like spitting on his mick and he thinks he's funny

  6. Герои войны!

  7. Leave your thoughts on this update? will it bring GOOD or bad?
    New troop levels As well?
    let us know Maybe we can do a Q&a

  8. Sorry I 'm ༺࿅ཽ༼།DAN།༽࿅ཽ༻ 全壊ラッシュ
    attack sorry. savage8.9

  9. video,intiro music name plz

  10. that techrax video …lmao

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