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  1. bruh are you taking the piss how am I supposed to know what to use in war if I want to be first

  2. might be a miner probably!! but looking forward to ……….. friendly challenges

  3. oh hey man I'd love free gems lol. I read on Facebook that spring traps go upto level 5? would that be true? cheers

  4. Heya Tony :)

  5. Hi

  6. one billion likes bruh

  7. great Idea supercell

  8. Hi guys I just started YouTube and I play cr I just posted a vid so if you can check it out? And good vid can't wait

  9. what?? 1billion likes?? lol even Gangnum style doesn't have that many likes.

  10. The troop will be


  11. HAI

  12. So basically the preparation day will be pretty much useless

  13. Hey Tony, Why don't supercell use Clash royale troops in COC…Such as knight, Princess, giant bomber, Princce and dark prince and clash royale should have Wizard Tower, Eagle artilerry as legedary and healers

  14. well how to attack?

  15. with the fact that you can't see an enemy base makes you unable to prepare your troops because you don't know there base layout. isn't that going to be very irritating?

  16. The next speek peek will be out tomorrow :/ Update probably on Sunday.

  17. What a horrible idea. I won't be able to see my opponent's war base? That'll prevent me from picking the right army and planning on where to place my troops. Supercell could do a much better job with the update by simply preventing friendly challenges for all clan mates during a war. That way things will be similar with how things are now, but simply you get to challenge clan mates for fun, but not for an edge in war.

  18. awesome videos general tony keep it up Bro

  19. hey General tony I need to ask you for help privately so do you have whatsapp

  20. nice thank you for explaining it so a dummy like me can understand hahahah, ?

  21. Yes yes

  22. Supercell "New sneak peek will be resume tomorrow"

  23. omg we did it! one billion likes!

  24. can u give the sneak peak link in the video,

  25. why we can't see there base in war we can't prepare

  26. Tweeted by Gallydon too

  27. tony are u fool i mean war pre-preration is 23hour when war start then if we copy opp base then after 24 hour war will be just started and war time is 24hours till then we can wait and attack that opp base as friendly match and attack in wars

  28. Nice Videos Tony thanks you for the info :)

  29. When is the update coming

  30. I think the new update is awesome and there will also be more awesome updates by Supercell!!!!

  31. me early ha

  32. Tony can u not close the YouTube general plz man ??????????

  33. yes thxs for all details hope u remember me tony