Clash of Clans – New Update! Dark Spell #3: Haste Spell Gameplay (Sneak Peek)

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  1. goblin+haste spell equals overpower

  2. What time does the update come out

  3. Arabic and Traditional Chinese? Boy that makes this update AMAZING!

  4. If we put a haste spell on a rage spell, will the troops be even faster?

  5. I believe supercell will drop something big, so far this update hasn’t
    really been that great, dark spells are average, the storage protection
    from lightning spells should have been done a long time ago. They will do
    something bigger. The last two summer updates we got clan wars and a new th

  6. One hundred and seventy-first! :P

  7. Guys none of the new spells are useless and I will tell you why.
    1. Earthquake Spell: This spell doesn’t do a certain about of damage, it
    does a percentage to the building. (Helps to take down inferno tower, xbow,
    air defense, etc)
    2. Toxic Spell: This spell can be controlled to take out Clan castle troops
    (Lighting spell has a small chance of not taking them all out; Also
    lighting spell takes up 2 spaces rather then the toxic spell takes one.)
    3. Haste spell: This spell will help you more in a air attacks since they
    are adding a second air sweeper.( This is more for speed rather then

    Hope this helps some people that don’t understand what this update is
    really about.
    SuperCell works hard for us! We should give them a chance at least before
    the update! Who knows, you might even use these spells in the future! :)

  8. Ready for the My Little Pony video? Hahah this update is shit

  9. COC FANS – could I get a like on one of my videos please? It’s my Birthday

  10. 3 new spells, which one is your favorite?


  12. Okay… So, it makes troops move faster? That’s it. The Rage Spell makes
    troops move faster (not ass fast as the Haste Spell), makes them stronger
    and more powerful. Also, the Rage Spell has a bigger range than the Haste

  13. One hundred and seventy-first! :P

  14. Man fuck this it’s just like the rage 

  15. How about a death spell? Place it on the grave stones of the dead troops
    and they rise from the dead with only half health? Anyone? :D

  16. thought this would be update day :(

  17. Keiner hats erwartet :D

  18. New rule. Everyone who is talking shit about these spells doesn’t get a
    dark spell factory. I remember when lava hounds first got announced
    everyone was mad and thought they were stupid because they didn’t do very
    much damage and now they are integral in many attack strategies.

  19. Haste spell+Rage spell+Heal spell=OP combination!

  20. How does Chief Pat get to showcase all of the new spells if they haven’t
    been released yet?

  21. That’s an amazing update!

  22. I can picture it now… 240 goblins and 11 haste spells :D

  23. up at 5 am to watch lol

  24. Nice!