Clash of Clans – New Update! Dark Spell Factory + Poison Spell Gameplay (Sneak Peek)

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  1. Forgot to mention you can also queue spells now even when you’re full (like
    troops) – pretty sweet!

  2. There is no point in cc troops now everyone is gonna care like 5 poison
    spells. Fuck that 

  3. Please tell me that dark spells don’t take as long as regular spells!!!!
    Regular spell training times NEED to be shortened!!

  4. Reply of you like this idea.
    What if there were an ‘Undeath Spell”? You could put it over the graves of
    your fallen troops in a raid, and they would return to life with half
    health, so it wouldn’t be overpowered. What do y’all think?

  5. What’s your banner going to say when Godson passes you in subs?

  6. Yea,only this method works

    *clears gem box*

  7. It’s competely useless against high hp troops lol

  8. The update was already leaked the 3 dark spells r poison earth quake and

  9. I’m gonna drop it on female troops and sing “that girl is Poison”.

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  11. What would be epic to get is a defense that consists of spells. Like a
    spell tower or something like it, that requires the player to recharge
    every time it engages the enemy. Having a tower that will use the poison
    spell to defend the base or another spell will be awesome to have.

  12. what th do u get it at

  13. So my th9 account can only have 2 spells if I don’t build the dark spells?
    That’s fucking retarded

  14. i notise it was a lvl 3 dark spell fact, does that mean 3 new spells?

  15. What th do u need to get the dark spell factory???

  16. I recommend they make a “NUCLEAR SPELL”.drop on the base can clear the
    whole base in instant..who agree?

  17. Theres a new overall damage if you can see.

  18. Super Cell always surprises us! New things we never thought of!

  19. Do you get the dark spell factory at Twn Hall 7

  20. What townhall level can this be unlocked

  21. So is the maximum number of spells you can hold 11 or 2 regular and 11

  22. Their should be a spell that would revive the troop half way of its hp like
    in the radius of where the troop is about to die and should take up like 4
    slots because it would sound op….

  23. At what th do u unlock the dark spell factory ?

  24. No one has realized, th5 people don’t get to have a spell even though they
    have a spell factory