Clash of Clans – New Update Gameplay!

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  1. its about time… DONT EVER LEAVE US!!

  2. Lv 8 teslas!!

  3. Hello


  5. I’M BACK! Thanks for staying patient homies.

    At least one more video today – Defenseless Champion #2!

  6. He sounds like xjawz

  7. Thats base??? Um why do u have that design 

  8. How can he give u gams

  9. Like if you think he should play hayday

  10. Love your videos, make my mood good

  11. Huh? he has almost 4 million elixer during the raid and right when he went
    back to his base he got 0

  12. but its a good update

  13. awesome videos man keep them coming!

  14. You should make a series where we give you challenges and u try them.:-) 

  15. awesome videos man keep them coming :D

  16. you make the best videos, keep them coming 😀 love it!

  17. Why did you close your clan ? I want to join I just got my clan castle

  18. I heard they didn’t add the gem box

  19. your clan is closed why

  20. 2:06 he got from almost 3 million elixir to 0 xD

  21. We missed you Pat, glad you’re back :’)

  22. I wish I had a hero

  23. Hey Chief Pat! You should do a series seeing how far you can make it in the
    single player missions with only your lv 40 barb king and lv 40 archer

  24. Finally ur back 🙂 Nice video!