Clash of Clans – New Update: Loot Cart, Star Bonus and Treasury! (Coming Soon)

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  1. Definetly excited about more loot. Anyone complaining is just a troll. Who can be mad about more loot

  2. Should be heroes in war update..

  3. how about new level of valks in th11 their hitpoints are so low for lvl4

  4. are they going to hand out participation awards too?

  5. looks good but I have a feeling they will somehow mess this up

  6. More dead bases means more players left the game, that's not a good thing.

  7. I got max th8 couple days ago i dont need loot now 🙁 Except for DE didnt max my de troops

  8. I see no dead bases in th 11

  9. i'm just about to Townhall nine but I'm constantly attacked is always between a 1900% but. always went for feel that my defense is really good. just a bug or something.

  10. 'These things seem pretty swell

  11. We need shield extended!

  12. nice attack

  13. This is so convoluted. They promised us there would be more loot to steal, but by introducing the treasury, aren't they just making it impossible to steal all the loot they promised us??

  14. wow hiding loot in a treasurey and a dumb loot cart with a small amount of loot how tf is that the supposed to change the all sound everywhere loot problems with finding good loot? 5 star daily reward doesn't fix that either. garbage.

  15. I reckon that if you win a defense you should get the league loot bonus
    That would be nice and would make more people push for higher leagues
    The amount of titan/legend league players would be mad

  16. New Changes Should Be Good. All We need is the Full Loot Bonus Or Dead Bases Back

  17. SUPERCELL Just Screwed COC After The TH11 Update. I was TH9 Almost Maxed (Just Some Walls and XBow Remaining). I Just Stopped Playing The Game. Its Just Hard To Find a Good Loot In Masters 2. And No Shields Even After 200k of Each Resources is Taken Away. We Cant 3Star TH10s and 11s To Get the 100% Loot Bonus. Damn! I Just Stopped Playing It……..If any one From U Guys Want My Account(For Free) Then Please Reply…….I Miss The OLD COC…..

  18. A change alike the Plunder Pirates……

  19. More dead bases means people stopped playing this piece of shit

  20. awesome

  21. th12 or more defenses levels pls

  22. I finally reached T.H.10 on Nov.16th & since the T.H.11 update I've been finding so much loot dat I need 5 more builders for a total of 10 to keep up wit da loot I'm getting in actuality…the T.H.11 update has been a blessing in disguise cause all of da fake players have quit & the smart ones who maxed out their economy have left the players who stuck around ample loot to steal daily.

  23. More dead bases means more people aren't playing… Great for the people who keep putting money into this SUPER SELL OUT ! ??

  24. ✌out

  25. go to gold 1 – crystal 3
    for th8, all the loot is there! gold, dark elixir, and THE MOST ELIXIR U COULD EVER FIND IS IN GOLD 1- CRYSTAL 3

  26. nice bro

  27. Speaking of clash royale though, any word on when will it come out for android/globally?

  28. Why make this overly complicated system when the old system worked fine?

  29. Hopeless step to get players back, someone from Supercell told me they are already losing s**t tons of money.

  30. 1:20 jumpscare

  31. Clash just got a lot better….

  32. Clan wars is so broken even more than before. They really need to fix the unfair matchmaking. Anyone else experiencing this?

  33. cheif pat please say when will the clash royal be realeased for android globely please ask supercell

  34. This update will be awesome

  35. lazy people fact
    you did not read the number