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Clash Of Clans | NEW UPDATE | Skeleton spell! | LIVE ACTION

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  1. Hey, this skeleton spell is going to be the first troop/spell to sniper out the big bombs! :D

  2. new troop in the normal barracks??

  3. 1+ sub?

  4. Can't people just test where the traps and teslas are?

  5. bring back TH Sniping

  6. wouldn't people just spam them to steal loot

  7. When is your next This Means War video?

  8. I am sorry daddy…but is this 2012? Let's be updated with the contents, unless you're segmenting.

  9. What was the intro song? Btw good video

  10. Ummmmmm. barracks look odd! lvl 11 barracks daddy? :p

  11. New troop or visual change on the normal barracks daddy?

  12. New single player daddy? There's a couple I haven't seen before

  13. Does this spell trigger bombs?

  14. Hi Daddy nice video! when is the super magical chest coming to coc? lol jk

  15. Mana suara orang indonesiaa

  16. I see new barracks.

  17. Now there is no use of having a centralized cc, and hidden tesla..

  18. Miner and something else in regular barracks…? Theres the new ladder with handcuffs on it!

  19. Cool!

  20. well, this will be abused.

  21. It's just a new version of th sniping

  22. i think the new troop is the miner !! if you look at the video of galadon in 05:06 you can see the barracks

  23. I like the idea behind the skelly spell but, I can't help thinking that this is making the witch even more redundant!?maybe they could have buffed her back up and spawn more skellies?maybe they are planning on removing her and this is her replacement..

  24. This spell would be great on infefnos, muahahaha!!!

  25. dose that mean that we could see some more of daddy??

  26. Skeleton Spell+ Freeze on Th daaaaamn

  27. 300 skeleton spell raid hype

  28. 3rd comment.

  29. second