Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE & Youtube Clash Community Update!

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  1. Valkyries are very, very popular in the clanwarcommunity. Especially in the FPC.

  2. Supercell should make a "rage tower" where it is a 3×3 that rages towers near them but not enemy troops

  3. Hype for update

  4. Your part of the bad youtuber hahahah making base builds and reposting clash of clans commercials

  5. Ahh so that's why Coleson changed his YouTube channel from Clash of Clans Comedy to Coleson Comedy.

  6. Hey, good vid. Ik I have very little subs but maybe we could do a collab. Your probably laughing your as* off

  7. 30th like :)

  8. I am excited about the new war matching system that will finally look at defenses rather than troops. Also are you going to be streaming anytime soon?

  9. And you replied!!!

  10. I was just in your Lobby!!! MY MISSION IS OVER! I've waited 2 years to be in a you tuber lobby. I want to cry right now. Thanks to you man!

  11. Sweet video!

  12. im level 6 on cr

  13. Intro song?

  14. need to work on your commentary lmaooo but I liked the video

  15. Yes finally update news thank you Mr.Clasher p.s I used to be creator of awesome just so you know

  16. yeah Mr Clasher it's me from the global chat on coc

  17. Dude I'm serious your vids are the reason I started clan of clans your videos are the best OMG I can't believe I'm talking to you

  18. I use max mass valks as th9 and it always 3 stars Valks are op AF for me the hit points may effect me

  19. back at it again with a nice video, keep it up Mr Clasher

  20. !alalallala

  21. You stutter a lot but other than that you're doing great keep it up man ?

  22. I can always Watch Mr.Clashers Videos to get up to date on Clash! I love it! Thanks Mr.Clasher! <3

  23. Hey Mr.clasher I upgraded to th9 a couple days ago so is it okay if I join DarkFallout ? oh and BTW nice video bro :)

  24. When is it coming out

  25. Nice vid bro!

  26. Hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans video! If we could smash 50 likes would be awesome! #ClashofClans

  27. I love you

  28. 3th.

  29. Second

  30. dirst