Clash of Clans- Official Face Reveal

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  1. Nice place you got there :D, sorta imagined you like that, but still a

  2. Anyone else watching year late?

  3. You live there man? That’s a dream place….
    Or are you on vacation?

  4. Now you have 340K subs

  5. Omg marry me wite ???

  6. right now you have 530.000 subscribers and I always thought you would be
    mixed race I don’t know why.

  7. What part if CA u live in

  8. Yo wite, so I have everything maxed besides walls(th9). They are all almost
    level 8, what should I do? Go to th10 or upgrade walls? 

  9. u r so ugly

  10. Now u have 465,877 subs

  11. Lol… Congrats on 600k +MYSTLC7 – Clash Of Clans

  12. 10k lol hahahhaha
    We love hwd :p
    Best clash youtuber lol ;p

  13. Alexis Sanchez?

  14. bruhhhhhhh ?ur sexier than i thought??no homo :p

  15. I see somebody likes to use imovie

  16. Looks like a gay cunt

  17. On my way! archon year late to

  18. +witelightingHWD can u respond to this comment

  19. Ur house is da best house I ever saw

  20. 3:50 Yasuo?

  21. Whoa, you’re hot.. ?

  22. so u r obama?!?!?!?!?

  23. This guy is beautiful

  24. Is it me or did is suddenly get hot in here?

  25. I thought you were black lol!