Clash of Clans – OLD SCHOOL! The Gowipe Challenge! ♦ CoC ♦

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  2. ☺️☺️your the best

  3. hey all join the clan Hang9

  4. More episodes about level seven town hall please please please please please do it !!!!!!

  5. Good to see these old school attacks Gal – Jixster!!

  6. p,z join we are back

  7. Man that video brung me back to the old clash days but then i was a th1-7 but now im a th8 in the 3 years ive plyed on different acc and different tablets. ah memorys.

  8. Galadon You Sounded Like Petter In The Inrtro Weird??!!!??


  10. Omg 69 dislikes atm 8:35pm 9/21/15

  11. you play as a hero

  12. you play as a hero

  13. omg that intro so funny

  14. new school beats old school….damn that was terrible

  15. There was no hero ablities back then

  16. Old school gowipe is TH8 gowipe now :)

  17. also u suck ass at gowipe

  18. yea tht into was stupid asf

  19. Knee Slapping lol…

  20. supercell makes millions of dollars a day believe it or not and they are giving us some very crapy updates I'm th9 and wtf did supercell do for me only a stupid new lighting spell level supercell needs to give us better updates or we gonna start losing players in clash of clans what we really want are heroes in war while they are upgrading and new heros cheaper walls and stuff like that i can't believe we spend our money for 3 months waiting for a new lighting spell lvl lol don't trip by this comment