Clash of clans Olympics!! Who’s the best troop in CoC? | Clash Olympics 2017 Best troop of all!

  1. i subscribed

  2. amazing video

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  9. i have a doubt + how does the wall breaker go so far?

  10. U funny bro ?

  11. Lol all the air troops cheated and should've been disqualified from the Olympics

  12. That in tro was funny

  13. This made no sense sorry michael dont kick me out of your clan

  14. this is content that i expect from General Tony

  15. Who else skipped a little once the giant started ?

  16. Ayy the intro tho litttt

  17. Keep in mind the wall breaker does it in 23 seconds while carrying a bomb. Imagine if he didn't have it.

  18. Sorry pekka if i skip you because you are sooooooooo slow
    Ps: pekka is my favorite troop in the game

  19. It sounds like its raining

  20. gobalon

  21. Spoiler Alert

    1st : Minion
    2nd : goblin
    3rd baby dragon

  22. the back ground sound is annoying as fuck

  23. Why didn't they just jump through the walls????

  24. you didn't do skellytons with the skellyton spell and the gobs would have won or at least tied with the minions it's only because they fly that's why they won

  25. I have my money on the goblins
    Hey where did my money go
    Get back here goblins

  26. I think goblin win

  27. Awesome Olympic race

  28. how is the bomber not bombing the walls? same with ballon. why isnt it going for buidlings!

  29. I love wizards

  30. What’s with the defense not hitting anything and the troops that only go for defenses didn’t hit the defenses

  31. What happened to the Town Hall 8 clan?

  32. Golem is sooooosloe


  34. I bet pekka and golem will be the last

  35. First

  36. Wouldn't the wallbreaker just go for walls?

  37. Hello

  38. Wow

  39. plz look and see the glitch in the game. .coc

  40. who forwarded giants one like……..he is tooo slow

  41. goood thought……
    but so many maxed walls limit is only 25 but u have more than 100

  42. Where's the story of grand Warden and how did he became hisself

  43. Being honest it is the worst video of your channel ND my reaction was that what the heck is this.

  44. I was asleep when u uploaded it

  45. Nice intro lol

  46. N8ce vid