Clash of Clans – One Level Closer , Level 306 (Highest Level), Journey to Level 310

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  1. Clash of Clans – Comments? , Level 306 (Highest Level), Journey to Level

  2. Brandon i want to push my level. How much xp do you get every 2 hours?

  3. Yeah I’m in your Video at 2:00 !
    Thanks for the troops Brandon btw. :)

  4. Brandon, you should get level 400. Some people are coming for level 300.

  5. Are you singaporean?

  6. Branson you Are so crazy.Do you have a real life or is clash of clans your
    life? ….

  7. My friend is th8 lvl 107. 136k donations

  8. The 200 Club is the best donation clan imo

  9. brandon im lvl 153 th10 with lvl 10 walls and max heros… can i join 200
    club to donate? want to try and level up to 200

  10. WOW men its amazing, My goal is to reach level 100 in hall 3 a clan to join
    and donate donor?

  11. You’re a jerk. Donating minions to everyone no matter what’s requested? I’d
    kick you out of my clan in minutes.

  12. I respect your determination, just like people aiming for leaderboards. But
    your goal is so unique, I don’t see it often and it’s really cool. 

  13. I thought in an earlier video you said that joining random clans to fill up
    (or whatever it was that you said) was faster than being in a reqngtfo
    clan, did you change your mind or what?

  14. When you donate, you gain loot. Why don’t I gain loot when i donate?

  15. I need an active request and leave clan that will co leader after a certain
    amount of donations and has over 12000 clan points with only the staff! I’m
    a level 80 th8 and my name is “Nick 8==D”

  16. G’day Folks, This Is Tron! Promoting My Clan! The Clan I’m Going To Go For
    1 Million Donations In, In December! :D, Clan Is Called Trons1MilDons,
    Searching For Lvl 100+ W/ 150+ War Hero, My ign Is tron, Lvl 231!, Clash

  17. I need a join n gtfo clan. I’m lvl 107…max th9 troops. Can I join

  18. Есть русские?

  19. me max th8 n lvl 87

  20. You guys are those kinds of assholes that offer to give people troops, and
    then ignore their requests and give them all the same thing.

  21. U r Singaporean right?

  22. What is the name of background music ?

  23. Awesome :)

  24. minuto 2;20 a 2;25 miren las gemas.. porque bajan asi?

  25. Can I join your clan and stay until I am done with trophy pushing???

    I am maxed Town hall 8 (103 walls left for lvl 8)
    Rest is all maxed..
    Please reply