Clash of Clans | One Troop, Three Stars | Unusual Attacks of All Kinds

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  1. This is not one troop galadon. You went full dumbass

  2. Did anyone else try to zoom in in this video?

  3. Misleading title af, this is obviously not 1 troop, that’s 1 troop of each
    kind of troop. Fucking click-bait bullshit.


    1?; A FP (first person) CHARACTER, for the last troops in the dark
    barracks, when it is deployed a little screen appears in the corner of the
    screen and you see what the troop would see!

    2?; A SECOND VIEWING ANGLE, because we have only ever seen 1 side of the
    buildings in clash so it would be good to see them from the bak or

    3?;A CUSTOMISABLE TROOP/HERO, there could be a new character and where you
    click info on it, it will let you change: how it looks; what abilities it
    has; its colours; etc!

    4?;’IN BATTLE ARTILLERY’, maybe some thing like a trebuchet (medieval
    catapult) that you can deploy in battle that will fire something ever 10-20
    seconds into the middle of the base to do a little bit more damage ( but it
    can get taken out by other defences!

    5?; ABILITY TO FIGHT BACK!, I find it really annoying when I log on and
    I’m being attacked but there is nothing I can do about it, where with this
    feature if you had troops in your army camps you would be able to fight
    back against the attacker! More to come

  5. I Hate when people ask for likes. Like if you agree!

  6. First raid – *69* wallbreakers deployed. *Illuminati Confirmed.*

  7. How about 1 Troop 3 Star on a maxed Town Hall 10 base? lol

  8. on 1:51 he use 69 wall breakers lol

  9. Awesome

  10. How is he raiding weak players when his league is so high?

  11. Hey Clash of Clans Attacks how do you get those poor noob villages?

  12. Is this on a computer or something because on phones it usually shows a
    number for their level not stars

  13. You know this base you attack are also Unusual in your lvl

  14. The looksnon those newbie faces xD

  15. u call that 1 troop attack… you only attack lower level town hall with
    that leveled troop….you MORON

  16. Wow

  17. First 1 is not 1 troop its multiple wallbreakers thos r troops so no 1

  18. Smashing the s*&t out of low level beginners is not something to be proud
    of, what a waster

  19. Anyone else notice 69 wall breakers


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  23. Lol I love the “AAAAAAANNDD, Fireball.” from the clash of clans animation

  24. Trolling noob bases are mean or unfair but it’s your choice I would never
    do that