Clash of Clans: PEKKAS – THEY’RE BACK!

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  1. I still use 4 (+1 cc) pekka and wizards… 3 star most th9… max walls is always a slow down in some turns though.

  2. hi powerbang,
    Can u give me some tips or show me how to 3 star the th 9 ring bases

  3. TH9?Boooooooooo what an old news..

  4. BRUH… PB, this attack is called HPBB (Healer, Pekka, Baby D, Bowler) and this was on Youtube for a month now. Perhaps you need to research a bit more in YT before doing a video about these attacks. Just my opinion, I am your fan nevertheless.

    I am using HPBB, HPHB, Grundinator since my heroes are lvl10. It may be risky with low heroes for max bases but semi maxes will be annihilated. I used these even with my lvl4 hog which just became lvl5 yesterday and with my lvl1 babies. You still need to recognize which base to use this on. Grundinator is best for those spread-out anti 3 bases.

    And the last time I used Golem based attacks like GOVAHO, GOVALK, GOHOBO, GOHO etc were about 3 weeks ago or so. These Pekka attacks are just that OP. I invented my own Pekka strategy as well now. :P

  5. I think something like this could also be used on a TH10 base with multi inferno's? I'm gonna try as soon as my pekka's are max, which is gonna take a while ;p

  6. جيد

  7. "bring 20 pekka's, that ofcourse to much camp space. bring a BILLION pekka's"??? nice vid!

  8. I love this army comp! Good find PB

  9. but this is th9. anything apart from barb, archers, and goblins work here.

  10. any th10 pekka strategy?

  11. flatline pekka drag thing…haha

  12. Pekkas are actually faster now

  13. sexy attacks pb.

  14. hey power bang I'm having trouble with my th9 war attacks

  15. Guys need help here, I have an almost max TH9 all defenses and troops are maxed except royals, they are both at 25/25 should I go 9.5 or should I max them out first?

  16. the flatliner

  17. Is this strategy viable for new TH10s? I'm a 9.5 and most bases I face are either 9.5s or 10s with low level multi target infernos.

  18. please make a similar video on witches too PB

  19. what about the boat.. will it come in Christmas update

  20. Can this be used with low-mid level heroes or will it be risky? I think a good name for this attack strat would be called "The Drape". baby drag and pekka.

  21. I expected "smash" to mean barely sputtering through for a flashy vid. Nope. those were two truly smashed bases. Rip

  22. This should be called most expensive army.

  23. Fun game, drink every time PB says 'but again.'

  24. Do you have any consistent strategies using dragons at th9?

  25. why you barley ever show th10 attacks

  26. This attack is so overpowered the Army comp almost doesn't even matter. I guess whatever you have to do for views.

  27. Where did Predator go?

  28. PB you're youtuber that not always saying "hit the like button & don't forget to subscribe"
    and your video title not clickbait hahahahaha

    keep your good work PB , i learn so much by watching your attacking strategy

  29. awesome strat! ! that has been my goto strat for DE farming for cpl yrs now lol..great to actually see it being used on here…great job powerbang love ur stuff…keep up the great work!

  30. This californian dude's video upload time is terrible..every night before i go bed i see him new vid up..saying ok watch that and sleep…then i watching 5 more like a freaking chain..and that cost me 1h sleeping time…(p.s this guy deserves minimum 1mil subscriber…just saying..)

  31. "bring 20 pekkas, that's two much camp space…. bring a billion pekkas!" lol

  32. great vid

  33. want see an experience about th10/11 trying something like this

  34. Hi PB, I am using the Pekka walk strategy in war with quite some succes. Pleased to see that it now becomes widespread. I really love the content of your channel. Keep it going !

  35. Hey Pb I did this strat starting with a walk and it's way more powerful if there is a walkable section of the base

  36. That combination is a bit weird but I like it thanks pb

  37. you got a new camera?

  38. 69

  39. I'm gay for pb…

  40. powerbang! ur an inspiration to us all. thanks

  41. Can you think of a substitution for Bowlers in the CC? My clan is currently th9 heavy with no th10s or 11s. Love the attack though, and would love to try it, but I can see how this would prove difficult without Bowlers.

  42. What would be a good substitute for the bowlers? We don't have access to them in our clan ATM.

  43. Do a th9 drag laloon video

  44. hey PB heard anything about December update?

  45. bro th9 u can do any shit, its getting boring

  46. I remember you talking about this in your stream last night and I have been using it in one of your recruitment clans ever since and it's going really well. Hope to be seeing you around soon. Keep up the awesome work.

  47. wow before 100 views. I'm pretty sure this video will be great as always.