Clash of Clans – Perfect Attacks (unbeatable WAR attack)

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  1. I guess this is the reason why they invented the air sweeper…

  2. What's the name of the song in the beginning?

  3. should be called LAGOON

  4. i like your videos?

  5. town hall 9 version?

  6. ohh c'mon .. its for sure an xmod attack ..

  7. IF YOU have max minions in the clan castle they can get lightninged spelled? but they can attack balloons and balloons cannot attack them fill up with like 12 Minions and 1 Goblin

  8. It isn't luck that they happened to know what was in cc. They attack with their dummy accounts to see what you have. It happened to my clan and I. Both top players got 3 starred. I got 2 starred though. But still they 3 starred over half our clan by doing this. It's ridiculous.

  9. Looks like someone has problems handling a loss
    Salt overload detected :')

  10. its called shattered laloon.

  11. with new update: 2 freeze 1 rage 1 jump 1 heal 1 poison

  12. This is called golaloon you incompetent baboon

  13. Which troops to be upgrade first for TH 5

  14. Don't work that good now with the air sweep

  15. Spencer23$ have u seen me in global because i think i saw you my name is GOD OF WAR,btw your vids are HD thats awesome.

  16. To me(I am a noob only th7 in CoC) but looking at this strat I feel any maxed out or simply an effective anti golem base should do the trick and also the base should also protect air defenses pretty heavily as the Gavoon HEAVILY depends on the golems just saying

  17. Where are the air sweepers….

  18. LA-G-OON would've been a better name

  19. The clan castle might not be a guess, must have just been spy's who joined ur clan and told their clan everything