Clash of Clans – PERFECT WARS – 7 Perfect Clan Wars!

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  1. Used to be in Talos as a th8 it's awesome to see them continue to thrive :)

  2. #getreadyfortheho

  3. Clash is fun because you find alot of people orgasm about it

  4. Plz join my clan: SuperIndianArmy

  5. 5 perfect wars in a row, 25v25 with th11's, 10's, 9's and 8's

  6. 10 running 20 man wars

  7. My clan has a 30 war winning streak, we go 25v25 its also lvl9??

  8. Hahahahaha #getreadyfortheho

  9. My clan got 20+ perfect wars coz sometimes we got some noobies but once a mismatch we have 2 th8,5 th7,2 th6 and 2 th5 while they have 3 th9,8 th8 ,1 th7 and 1 th5 but we still got perfect war coz some of them rushed af

  10. although we don't have many perfect war wins but my clan does have a win streak of 25 wars ..BEAT THAT!

  11. We in BigDaddyDaniels have 20 x 100%
    50win, s in a line
    100% modd free

  12. my clans top streak is 18 wins in a row ?

  13. My clan won 17 wars and it was all town hall 7 and 8

  14. My clan is currently on a 19th winning streak. 2 hours from now it'll become 20 :3

  15. I could start one with all townhall7 and we would be never defeated it's because townhall7 is so easy to three star.

  16. we had a 32 war win streak then lost one then won another 10 in a row and lost another one won 1 lost 1 and currentlly on a 5 win streak

  17. Was your mic up a bit more than usual? Maybe it's just me but your voice to background music in this video seemed unusually off. Still love every single video man. Absolutely love seeing people enthusiastic about games that they love :)

  18. Galas on I hope u see this message… Look up the clan netflixnclash that is my clan we r on a 6 clan war win streak and 3 of them have been perfect wars we r amazing plz check us out my base name is EROK

  19. 14 war stream pre update

  20. chief pat is becoming boring im one of his subscribers

  21. look at 6:00 exactly #GETREADYFORTHEHO

  22. my clan just went on a 8 win streak and lost out last one to a mis match war that wasn't in our favor

  23. Galadon that ain't nothin one of my old clans has over 19 perfect wars I swear if u wanna join(non rushed th7+) it's called Allahs Lions lvl 8 clan

  24. Galadon! I thought you didnt take th7s!

  25. espero q la actualización que van hacer sea para robar nas recursos

  26. my clan has 36 wars won and 1 tie we would won if my clan mate dropped his cc on the builders hut in the corner…we asked him why he didn't drop his cc he responded I didn't want to waste my troops we need 1 more stars to win and he let the time end… he was at 49%

  27. i would like to be in lost vinex

  28. we got 36

  29. 7.5k Subs to go :D

  30. Are clan ClassicXI has like 4 perfect wars and we only had like 20 wars, also like 2 or 3 2 star away from perfect war

  31. "Get ready for the ho!" -Galydon 2016 (I'm sorry, I felt like I had to XD)

  32. My Clan Has 6 Perfect Wars & We're A Lv 2 Clan

  33. 5:59 Galadon you potty mouth (:

  34. we have 14 wins in a row right now going to be more soon nearly every war is one star from perfect

  35. stop posting so late :c

  36. 14 perfect wars but lost by Percentage. 6 War win streak right now.

  37. lol my attack on #2 was better .. gallydon whyy?

  38. I think Supercell forgot about the ghosts in the poison spell from the Halloween update…

  39. 23 perfect war wins

  40. Honestly I think Clash Of Clans Attacks,Clash with Cam, and White lightning HWD deserve way more subs than chief pat.

  41. #Getreadyfortheho

  42. 10 perfect wars since May. All green. Clan: CANADA

  43. Been a th8 tree starring still been boring

  44. #getreadyfortheHo

  45. Lethal Eight has 20