Clash of Clans | Poison Spells DO Stack – CoC Quick Tips

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  1. +1 Subscribed. :)

  2. thanks jud that has crossed my mind a few time if 2 were better now I see only for head on im glad you did a clip on that bud ??

  3. Nice video! I just got to youtube myself and don't how grow my channel.

  4. I think you should collab with xunknown nationx and play against each other on clash royale because you guys are both pro players and its fun between the small youtubers 🙂 plz do it. ITS ABOUT TIMEEE TO COLLAB!!!!!

  5. nice video! noone believed me when i said it helped to double poison when i use poisons on a raid with them… lol

  6. Thanks this actually explains poison very well. I prefer zapquake or double zapquake for th 9, unless its a ground attack.

  7. Judo! Love the editing in this video! Confirmed what I had an discussion about the other day on this same topic!

  8. Do you or could you make a video about troops deployment, I sometimes go over 90% In attacks and I think it because of the side I started to attack

  9. That nots is very important thank bro

  10. JK JuDo Got The First View While Editing?? I Will Beat Him One Day!????