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  1. u lost! woth 1 prosentege lol.

  2. Epic challenge! I think I won?!

  3. OMG ?

  4. Challenge idea, use all wall breaker and see who can break most walls, it
    must be a th9 or 10 with all level 8 walls or higher

  5. You lost molt :/ nick got around 55 and cam got 42!

  6. do a challenge: defeat the cannon. take out each and every cannon on the
    base. it’s pretty hard, cuz cannons are the strongest defence in the game.

  7. all join same clan go to war, very start of war all of u attack the #1 base
    one after another without watching eachothers raids (so u don’t know where
    traps are) and whoever gets highest percentage wins, most likely no one
    will get 3 star bc itll be a close to max th10 so that shouldn’t be an
    issue :)

  8. I suggest an attack that takes up under 50,000 elixir and 400 DE (not
    counting spells, the spells can take up as much elixir as they want). It
    has to be 1 star and the one star should be from town hall and not from
    50%, and of course, no TH snipes or bases not near max

  9. U need to end the raid when the gaint dies so you get a letter for not
    ending when the gaint dies

  10. Do all minions and go to bronze. You can only use rage spells and the
    challenge is judged by time. Whoever takes the most time to 3 star the base
    loses. Base requirements are very broad, anything about th 3-4 is fine.

  11. drop every thing in 1 minute then close the app and see who got the highest
    percentage not my idea btw

  12. Molt u freaking cheated they nick and cam said once the giants is DIED UR
    SUPPOSE TO END THE BATTLE SO U GOT A 46% u Fucking cheater

  13. 1: Nick
    2: Cam
    3: You

  14. Lol cam got 42% and Nick Destroyed both of them. Molt you get a C for

  15. A just use witch’s and hero’s and one of each spell must get at least a

  16. more lunchtime raids please! you stopped doing them

  17. Using barch, try to keep a single baloon alive for as long as you can. 

  18. For the new challange you could do a raid with troops that prefer
    something. For ex: goblins, giants, loons… You can use only that type of
    troops… The formation is up to you, but you have to bring at least 1 kind
    of every troop that has something to prefer. You can attack even th snipes
    (won’t help you couse no troop will target the th ahaha) you are not
    allowed to use heros and in the cc you mast have only that kind of troops
    and you have to get 1 star. I tryed my self and it’s very challenging. The
    base you attack must be th8 or higher. (little hint: you can use healers…
    They prefer to heal troops, don’t they?) 

  19. Do gobitches

  20. U lost cam got 42% lol

  21. Molt lost! Cam got 42 percent and i think nick got like 50 somethin

  22. do HAG hogs and Dragons with all rage spells and have to get 65% doesnt
    matter at all aboult the loot

  23. GoBitches plz anorher cams strategys