Clash of Clans | QUAKE to TITAN League! | Crazy Attacks! Up and Down Trophies! Titan #8!

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  1. Clash of Clans | QUAKE to TITAN League!

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    Have a absolute amazing day !

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  4. Don’t use quake for walls. Here is why-

    You have 11 spell places
    4 quakes take 4 spell places
    1 jump takes 2 spell places
    So if you bring a jump spell you can bring 2 extra dark spells or one more
    elixir spell
    Jump spells are better value than quakes so USE JUMPS INSTEAD!!!!!

  5. 😀 sweet

  6. Wall breakers need an enclosed building……

  7. When there is a defensive lava hound, DO NOT USE THE POISON SPELL! save it
    for the pups

  8. Nick after your push. Drop down into the lower leagues like gold and silver
    make a troll base that gives away some of your dark elixer. You dont really
    need that much because you maxed all your troops n heros and itll be
    amusing to see lower townhalls trying to get it.

  9. Nick! If theirs a lavahound and balloon in the clan castle, save your
    poison for the pups! 

  10. Nick y are u mwnik g one day entry point in the base with ur main attacking
    force that’s y u r losing raids u r supposed to make 3 entry points in the
    base put a golem in the right entry point with a oil bit wizards and same
    with the left and the middle entry point put ur 2 golems and ur main
    attacking force. This makes sure ur golems pekkas or heroes go around the
    outside and go straight for the center. 

  11. Wow, Nick, this was really quazy :3

  12. nick stop using earthquakes and 4 golems… its really really weaker than
    the normal gowipe strategy… tried and tested i am a 4 golem fans before
    then i change back to normal strategy with witches…and i can see the
    difference.. one is its much have more damage per seconds…two its take me
    only less than 1 minute to two star the max bases… in 4 golems and earth
    quakes you only have 1 rage and 1 freeze left including the poison… that
    is your number 1 weakness

    you are attacks are degrading and also the same for galadon for using the
    same shitty tactics
    your last attacks shows you that you are still an immature raider..its
    better to attack on the top left or right instead on the bottom,

    pm me ill educate you right

  13. Nick don’t use a poison spell on high hit point cc troops such as the hound
    and loons. Wait for pups or skeleton traps, etc. just a tip! Keep Up the
    good work

  14. FIRST

  15. Amazing job, love this series :)

  16. First! Btw do u think their will be a townhall 11?

  17. OMG you are sooo bad at attacking… Just stop… Keep playing boom beach
    only… With GoWiPe and Heroes lv20+ you are able to destroy a max th10
    base but you can do that with max heroes!!!

  18. I recon just try air

  19. nick, after all those attacks, all of your goles went to the sides, dont u
    realise something you are doing is wrong?

  20. You said you can attack but you are still losing so you can’t attack very

  21. Almost at 500k.. Yay! 

  22. thats not your acaunt look at the names 

  23. Man, you’re at 4500 now 😀 Like if you want him to be global rank 1. it is
    possible nick

  24. I’ve stolen from me was the village of 104 stage I want to beg the village
    a major center stage 8 Please, Please, God, I want the village strongly

  25. When there is a hound try to save the poison until there are pups. Hope
    that helps!