Clash of Clans – Queen Walk Strategy for 3 Stars (TH9 and TH10)

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  1. hi ash! yes, pls do more queen walk 3* videos!

  2. Ash, I really enjoy watching your videos. Very high quality content and I know they've helped me become an even better player despite my years of experience! I've almost maxed my heroes at th9 so I'm planning on upgrading in the next month or 2. Do you have a th10 account that you could record some th10 farming? That'd really help me out. Making the jump to th10 is a rough projection; all you hear about th10 is how much harder it is to farm resources and how unbalanced it is with offense usually being significantly underwhelming compared to its defense. Thanks again for your videos and content!!

  3. I am a big fan of yours. I'd love to join your clan to play with you some day. What should I do to apply to your clan? Any qualifications? I am th 10 user with heroes of 26 and 35.

  4. More queen walk! plz

  5. plz do a video of queen walk and goho

  6. You are an amazing clashtuber, the guides are the best in YT, but if you can say how to attack like: 1st step kill CC, 2nd create a funnel, 3rd protect the ArcherQ deploying some troops in "this" place 4th send KSquad. It's an example.

    PD: Which is the "Strategy drawing" app for attacks.

  7. Great video once again Ash! I'm not gonna make any recommendation for any strategy!! Just do your thing and i am sure that you will cover most of the 3 Star army combos!! Looking forward for your videos keep it up dude!! Cheers from Greece 😉

    Ps. I am using your TH9 Farming Bases and they rock!! Propably a war base for TH9?

  8. background music.?

  9. MOLTO is italian, isn't he ?

    Anyway nice video as always Ash, can't wait to upgrade my queen dammmmmm

  10. Best GUide In UTUBE

  11. Ash Your Using The Top 1 base rated by clash with ash :D

  12. Good vid :)

  13. Btw molto's attack is dubbed 'Royal Witchcraft'

  14. Ash you sound tired man. Have some rest man. Anyhow good vid as usual.

  15. Nice one man !
    I'm upgrading my heroes to use this strategy.

  16. ash your videos mostly are good but could u stop zoom in and zoom out repeatly while recording ? it makes me dizzy ?

  17. did you use the footage from the livestreem for this?

  18. 2nd

  19. abonnés vous a ma chaine